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Going Forward Even When My Body Is Holding Me Back

Updated on September 14, 2017

One Step At A Time

Boy am I sore

Either do to age or lack of activity

Maybe a sweet combination of both

I am not the only one

I hear my wife say things like

I am wandering around in circles

Where am I going ?

I just had a thought...

What was I going to say...

It flew out of my head

What were you talking about ?

I don't remember

I leave most of my aches for a later date

Little signs that by themselves don't mean much

Add them up and we get a pile of you know what

My wife is exactly 1 year, 1 month, 1 day older than me

I wonder

I watch and think

She is a real life people tester

She ages first

I get to see how she responds and acts

Now will I act the same way in one year

Sometimes she walks around and talks to herself

Usually in the kitchen

I think she is making a list for food shopping

It could be

Other days I am not so sure

She usually wakes up in the morning before me

She walks into the bedroom and starts talking

Even though I am not awake yet

I hear some things and have no clue about what else she has said

When I am tired

I tell her and she keeps talking

Then when I fall asleep on her

She says do you hear me

What was the last thing I said

I of course try to remember

Then she gives me a snappy reply

Yes that was ten minutes ago

Other times she says something out loud

Then when she goes to write it down

It was only a minute ago

I had only two things to remember

We are very busy most of the time

So we all have moments like this

My wife is the one who keeps all our appointments

If she forgets I am done

There are times that we both do some crazy things

It is in the spare of the moment and we just wing it

Most of the time things work out well

When it doesn't we both just shake out heads

I have been known to finish my cereal with the last bite

Then the next bite I am eating lunch

Do to the tight time schedules if I sleep a little late

I pay for it one way or another

Today is the last day of my fifty second year

Tomorrow I start so many new and exciting changes

My wife jokes I still have more hair than you

It's true

I whisper softly

Even if it is grey

I know better than to say certain things to loud

Old age is unavoidable

If we learn to take each day gracefully

Laughing through our array of experiences

From the odd to the unusual

The truth is

There is nobody I would rather spend the rest of my life with

We have struggled and celebrated together

I do most of my challenges on paper

Through it all

She has my back

Just a moment ago she was asking if I am eating

She knows I forget to eat

When I write my focus is on one thing

On my story / poem

I call a stoem

So as I get up from my chair

My lower back stiff and sore

My wife reminds me what a beautiful day out there

As she opens our windows even wider

To get more fresh air

I am not sure two more inches makes a difference

I leave that for another time

We both rush around to get ready for work

My wife left me with a little early morning surprise

She is very thoughtful and appreciative of everything I do

I tell the truth

I admit sometimes I add lib

There is an old saying age is just a number

I think we heard only part of the answer

The other half is ....


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    • DREAM ON profile image

      DREAM ON 6 months ago

      Gypsy Rose Lee Life is one big surprise unfolding after another. I enjoyed my birthday relaxing and spending time with my wife. Nothing exceptional. Out to lunch and back home to water our garden. I wish you all the love and passion there is in life. It will always be there. You can choose to enjoy every day in some small way with friends or be sad and lonely. I think it is a great idea to take all the memories you have and relive them often. They make your life what it is today. The good and the bad both mold your life. Only you can know and experience it. I for one would love to hear all about it. You have such great talent. It is such a shame when people don't realize their own gifts from God. I believe each day is meant to be enjoyed. Thank you for bringing out the joy in my day.

    • Gypsy Rose Lee profile image

      Gypsy Rose Lee 6 months ago from Riga, Latvia

      Still rapping my mind around the fact that I am not a teen anymore. I will never feel old because my mind is always in young gear. It is just the years ahead alone that I still have to get used to and move on.