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Going Out on a Limb with NaNo

Updated on November 11, 2014

Passion for Writing

So I have a passion for writing. So what? Many people have a passion for something or other, and mine just happens to be writing. Story ideas come easily; it's just getting them onto a page and finishing the thoughts and processes are the more difficult aspects to writing. I've been writing for quite a while now, but the trouble is I haven't actually had any of my work published. I've worked for my school's newspaper and had a few of my works published there, but that isn't really what I want published. I have a passion for writing and a passion for words, and I can honestly say that I love putting certain words together to make a wondrous sentence. Writing takes a while, and I know this; but, I've always wanted to write for a living and to have all these wonderful stories appear in print everywhere. I want to see my name in the highlights of news stories or actually on the cover of something that I wrote.

Writing is my passion.

The more I write; the better intrigued I am, and the will for writing comes faster. Characters make themselves more apparent, and I find myself lost in their world. Sometimes, I have to carry around a reporter's notebook just to jot down story ideas. If I really like the story ideas, then the characters will never let me go, but if they do, they still linger until I pick up their story once again.

I love writing. I write mostly all the time, but it's just little snippets of an idea that I'm toying with. Sometimes it grows more the more I harp on it. It is very rare a person will see me without actually doing a bit of writing. It's a constant thing that I must go through because certain characters won't leave me alone.

Needless to say, I have a passion for writing.

Those Who Did Not Stop Writing

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So the first time I heard of NaNo was last year, and I thought it was the greatest thing. I could write a novel in a month and get it published without any rejections, so I tried. For the whole month of November, I tried to write this amazing novel, just like the one I previously wrote, but this time it was going to be different. I was on a roll, until the news of my grandfather dying put my writing to a complete halt. There was no way that I would ever finish writing that novel. The character hid from my sight, and there was no way of bringing them back to what I was trying to convey to my audience. The story just halted, so I failed in producing something worth while for this national writing competition. But isn't that how most stories go? A writer can write and write and it be his/her best work, but he/she will never finish it because they lose the drive to do so. This happened to me.

This is, however, I was going to actually make the deadline. I started brainstorming earlier (a day or two) and came up with this really cool idea for a story. As I'm in the middle of this month, I've lost the drive to write this story and came up with a new one instead. I actually go through so many different story ideas, it is almost pathetic. I just try to stay with one until I get about to the third or fourth chapter, and then, I know I have to finish the story. It has to happen or my characters will fall without their story being finished. This happened to me with my first novel (still unpublished and awaiting for an acceptance letter).

People ask me why I don't just use my original novel as my NaNo. It's simply because the goal of the writing competition is to see if you can write a novel in an entire month and not one written in the course of a year. And also it would feel like false pretenses if I just entered my novel that has been revised countless times into a competition where most of the stories aren't edited, just written.

I'm hoping that my schooling doesn't interfere with my writing. The idea of finishing a second novel actually gives me great joy, and I hope with all hope that I can succeed in doing this.

There's Peace in Writing

I have a very hard time trying to get my point across. When it comes to meeting new people, or even talking on the phone with a person I'm not used to talking to, writing comes in handy for me. I find that if I write down my basic points of conversation that I can express myself better than if I couldn't. So writing is more than just a passion; it is a place of solace for me. It calms me and is more impressionistic when words flow from my fingers. I can create my own worlds and create my own friends, not because I'm an introvert, but because I can deal with my character's problems better than my real friends. Mainly because I am in control of my characters' fates.

When I am having a horrible day or if I'm not in the best of moods, I will sit down and write. I don't know what I am writing, but I am writing because it helps clear my head of things that I don't want to have on my mind at the time. It used to be reading all the time, but I have read so much that I want to write my own and hold it in my hands to show the world what I have written. First, I have to get published, but writing is a difficult market to get into, I know. I keep my head up high and write some more in hopes that some sort of inspiration will come to be and it be my magnum opus.

I feel this solitude when I write because I am in control of everything, and I can only criticize my own works. Though, I would like some creative criticism every once and while. Especially with my first novel, I would like to know if it is as good as my friends lie. Just for once, I would like a stranger to read it and tell me if it is as good as all that. I can't really find peace in falsehoods.

Not only is writing a solitude for me, but it also gives me a kind of high. When I get going on a story idea, and I can't stop writing because I need to know what is going to happen next, that is what I love the most about writing. NaNo gives you this because you have to rush to finish the book before the end of November. Novels are hard; trust me, I know. Getting them published is even harder. People don't understand the struggle I have gone through, the painstakingly horrid things I have done to my novel by killing characters or deleting them. You do grow attached, and I think that is why I find peace within the realm of writing.

Planning on Getting My Toes Wet

So even though I have worked on one story idea and had it all drawn out, I'm not going to use it because the writing is actually quite bad, but I do always have a backup plan. Another story idea that will help me in my endeavors. Hopefully this time I will be able to finish my novel by the end of November, and hopefully, I will become a published writer and make a little extra cash on the side. I don't just want to do this for money, and that isn't the reason why I write. It truly is a passion of mine, and I want to keep it as one of my biggest passions in my life. It has no longer become a hobby, but it has become part of my life. So participating in NaNo will make me feel like I am worth something to some people who wish to read my work and give me some advice about what I need to work on. I love writing, and that will never change.

Here is a scene from a screenplay that I wrote. I actually play the role of Johnny.


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      Ibidii 2 years ago

      Good luck with your writing. I have been a fan of the Beatles since I first heard of them as a teen in 1963.