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Going to the Post Office on 11/11/2010

Updated on November 20, 2012
Wooden Mailbox
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I know it is hard to express myself in writing, but it is especially so when I am trying to explain what happened on the road. This really frustrates me especially when I am talking to an insurance agent. As I am talking to the agent, I don’t know what I am talking about and I make it sound like I was at fault. But there is the magic word when you’re explaining something to the insurance agent: “But I had the right of way.” Then my insurance agent somehow rearranges what I’ve said and makes some sense out of it.

As an aspiring writer, I have a dream that someday I can describe everything I see with writing. I have a long long way to go, but I am keep trying and trying every day. Now days I am focusing on writing personal essays. I have taken a class in college about personal essays (non-fiction), and have learned that there is more to personal essays, and I can have a lot of fun writing them. So as I try to describe what happened on the road today, I will add some personal essay feel to it. This might sound like total rambling and not interesting at all. But if you somehow make a time to read it, please comment on any errors and thoughts. I know there will be a lot of (stupid and careless) mistakes in grammar. But if you would please leave me a comment for a place for improvement, I will be greatly grateful! And if you took time to read my lowly writing up to here, I thank you so much as well!

Going to the Post Office on 11/11/2010

The post office closes at 5 pm, and it is 4:30. I get back from a wholesaler and get the eBay orders ready to be shipped. As I pack the last order, I press the f5 key (the refresh button) just in case. And there comes another order. It is 4:42, and I open the order to see if where it is going. Luckily, it is an order going within the States, so I hurry up and pack the Focus Factor in an envelope. If it was an international order, I have to fill out a custom form, and I wouldn’t have enough time for that. So many of those international addresses are too long and complicated, so it takes too much time to fill out a customs form. I scribble the “from” and “to” addresses on the envelope, and nicely seal the last envelope.

As I finish packing the last order, I put the packages in the carrying box and hurry into my old Civic. The post office is only 1.8 miles away from my apartment, but with traffic at 4:45, it usually takes more than 10 minutes to get there. If I hurry, I might be able to get there in time. The sushi bar I work as a sushi man officially closes at 11 pm on weekdays, but we always stop serving 30 minutes before, and we starts cleaning stuff up one hour before. So I know how it feels when a customer comes in right before you close, but the ladies at the post office are so nice. They don’t care if I come at 4:59, as long as I make it before 5. They only frown when they see me running in with a box filled with packages right before they close. So I hurry to not miss their lovely frowns.

I stop at an intersection and I have to go straight. The two lanes on the left are left turn only lanes, and the one on the right is for the cars going straight. Since there is only one lane going straight, cars are backed up in that lane. So I stop my car at the end of the long line and think while I’m waiting for the signal to turn green. The left turn signal always turns green first, so if I get on the left turn lane and turn left quickly, drive into the shopping center, and quickly make a left turn out of the other side of the shopping center, I can be in front of the cars in front of me(Can you picture this?). So I quickly get on the left turn lane and as soon as I change the lane the left turn signal turns green. There are about four cars in front of me, so it takes a moment for cars to get moving. When the cars start to move, the Benz in front of me is slow to move. I pad myself on the back and resist honking. I am a patient person although I am in a hurry. The Benz finally moves and as he is slowly making the left turn, he lets the car on the very left lane get in front of him. You know how people know that they will make the right turn soon but wait in the left lane because there are fewer cars on that lane. And there are some really good people who let those bad people get in front of them. How nice. But I wish those good people are behind me. They can do all their good deeds there. So I get in the parking lot of the shopping center later than I planned and as I pull into the shopping center I see the cars at the intersection moving straight. So at the other way out of the shopping center I wait for all those cars passing by me and I finally make the left turn.

It is 4:52 and I only have to make a left turn into the post office parking lot. There is no signal light there, so I have to wait a long long time if cars are keeping coming from the other side. Luckily, a nice old white gentleman stops so I can make the left turn. I hold my hand and waves at him to show my appreciation. He smiles at me. The world is still nice place to live. I pull into the post office parking lot and a postal officer (I didn’t know such an officer existed) is giving a ticket to a parked Buick. As I’m stepping out of the car, I take a look inside the post office. The inside is dark and there’s no one at the counter. It is only 4:55! Furious, I walk to the officer. “Are they closed?!” I ask. “Yes it is a holiday.” The officer answers woodenly. “What holiday?!” I ask. “It’s the Veteran’s Day.” Oh. I get in the car and laugh at myself as I drive out of the lot. What a punishment for not remembering the veterans. And sorry to all of my eBay buyers. You will have to wait another day to get your vitamins. Happy Veterans Day.

After Thoughts

Although I like to write, or I feel I should write, it takes a quite discipline to finish one thing I am writing to publish when no one is forcing or waiting for me to do it. So as I was writing this hub, I used an advice from one of my professors for my advantage, to omit what is not necessary for the flow of the story. Her lesson was that when we are writing, even if we feel that we’ve missed out a lot and feel that we didn’t tell everything, the readers don’t know, or care. Most of the times, the flow of the story doesn’t need every detail we feel are necessary. So we have to look at each part of the writing and ask: Why is that part there? Is that part really necessary? Well, so that I purposely omitted what came to my mind when I read the bumper sticker saying, “My dog (I forget what kind it was) is smarter than your Honors student,” and when I drove through the school zone where I was caught by the speeding camera four times. Well, either they were not important to you, or I was just lazy to write more. But don’t be too harsh on my laziness. It’s my first time publishing a personal essay on the Hubpages.


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    • hyunchang profile imageAUTHOR


      7 years ago

      Thank you for your comment! It really encourages me to write more. And yes! I am not a native English speaker. My first language is Korean. I came to America when I was 12, and since then I was afraid to use English (speaking and writing) with Americans because I was afraid that I was gonna fool myself with my bad English. And that delayed me from learning good Enlgish for almost 10 years. Now I want to share whatever I can say get whatever advices I can! And as I am write this short comment I am forgetting what I was trying to write. Anyways, thank you for your comment! :)

    • profile image


      7 years ago

      Hahaha there are so many funny lines in this I cannot point them all out. I enjoyed it a lot. Veterans day; LOL, 'the best laid plans of mice and men.' Keep writing son, you're funny. I have the impression you are not an native English speaker? If not forgive please, but you do pretty well with it anyway. Peace to you Charlie


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