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Gold Heart

Updated on August 10, 2017
Thereseml profile image

I love writing, especially poetry. I write so that the reader can feel the emotion in the poetry I write.


A heart who gives and expects nothing in return/

Is there such a heart so rare/

Such a heart receives much joy when giving/

For in it's beloved's face it sees gratitude/

The love is felt from the one receiving/

A hug a kiss is bliss/

Oh how generous a heart is giving it's all to a heart it misses/

When heart parts from it's beloved/

Though it may be a short while a heart will always hold it's beloved/

The call of love

A heart knows it's love well/

It listens to the sound of loves call/

For it is a hearts duty to come when love calls/

A heart will pick it's love up/

A heart will offer another heart a home/

For it is the joy of giving the Heart embraces/

The heart has not any paces/

For time stops when two hearts meet/

Meeting of two hearts

When two hearts meet loves wells up between them/

The two hearts connect from deep within/

One heart offers the other a home/

One heart takes control/

When love takes over all you see is your beloved/

Light of love

With the light of love you are guided/

Love is mysterious and the heart is strong/

The heart takes over your mind/

It never leaves behind/

Your heart is loyal especially to your love/

Walking hand in hand across the beautiful land/

Staring into your love's eyes/

At sunlight until moonlight/

Hoping that you will be together for ever/

A Gold heart

Your heart has turned in gold/

For the light of love has taken over it/

Forever you shall remain with no restrain/

Your love and you a bound together/

For the rest of your life/

Harmony and happiness/

For love lasts an eternity/


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