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Golden Handshake

Updated on December 22, 2013

The Captain

He was the first to admit,

he was no saint,

as prisoners threatened

to file a brutality complaint,

his temper was fire,

but he really didn’t want to retire,

he was still formidable enough

to track down a prison escapee,

he was tough,

very rough,

he was demanding, always commanding,

he had fought his share of battles,

yet his nerve still rattles,

his size never marked him for violence,

but when he fought, he won,

and his gun,

time and again,

he threatened to pawn,

he was the first to admit hate,

sometimes in explicable hate,

toward black or white,

man or woman, gay or straight,

he had a paternalistic manner,

blue eyes, thinning white hair,

nevertheless other police officers would fear,

he carried a credibility that somehow

transcended the excesses of his profession,

he was the captain,

always told the truth,

was never a liar,

but he accepted the golden hand shake,

and now he had to retire.

© 2011 Frank Atanacio


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    • Frank Atanacio profile image

      Frank Atanacio 5 years ago from Shelton

      thank you bella writer!

    • bellawritter23 profile image

      Erica Sanchez 7 years ago from California

      Sounds like he had an altered ego at hand, kinda reminds me of a man I know! Thanks for sharing ...

      smiles :)