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Golden Petals

Updated on November 27, 2013

Golden petals under the sunlight
happiness enters life
smiles so bright
free to soar in the pale blue skies
rain comes down
even the heart becomes alive.

Alive living in the moment
now becomes the future
brick roads pave the way
it's a whole new world to thrive.

Love in the soul dances
footsteps travel through
a foreign world
diversity opens the vision
touching the faces of
another world.

Kindness in those dutch eyes
trusting hearts of another kind
another reality than an old life
new life begins.

The journey begins
happiness enters in the finest moments
thankful for the beautiful scenes
the treasures hidden in the history
of another time.

No wasted time
bells bong in the distance
God shouts in the corner of the streets
candles lit in the chapels
saint anthony brings you on your knees.


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