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Good Mourning Dear

Updated on December 13, 2011

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I’min mourning

For someone dear

Has been missing

For a while, I fear.

I didn’t even know she was leaving

I thought she was fine,

But looks are deceiving.

I saw her in the mirror,

And I saw her at the Lake,

But something was wrong.

Something was fake.

She wasn’t herself.

The old her had left,

Feeling broken and bruised,

Alone and Bereft.

How easy it was

For her to Fade,

To rip apart

The life she’d made.

To change completely

For someone else’s sake.

The pressure was immense,

Too much to take.

So she started down

A slippery Slope

Hoping it

Would help her cope.

But instead,

The slope felt steeper;

She dug her hole

Deeper and deeper.

Until finally,

She couldn’t climb out.

She tried to yell.

She tried to shout.

But by then,

It was too late.

She knew well

Her inevitable fate.

And now that she’s gone,

I don’t think she’ll be back.

The yearning, she has,

The ability she lacks.

Like a used book,

With a broken spine

Damaged inside,

No page fine.

Now she wanders

From shelf to shelf-

A shadow of

Her former self.


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