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Good... Too

Updated on November 5, 2012

God is wood,

growing peace shining through the tree's,

I think I should...

Switch up every line this time... No ya' see's,

and saws make them fall... I think I could,

or can this baby lumber jack timber man free,

you and me from the clear-cut onslaught to heather's ch-icky feathered brood,

like a solid wall or raging seas screaming emergency,

this is Big Lebowski ... Please, call me dude,

holding up a cup of cold Caucasian, the dude starts sayin'... Cheers!!! to destiny,

wait a tic mate, this story... It's true,

shit yea and it's messy,

I just came one over from the cuckoo's nest... Hell yes, I flew,

only to tell you stressing,

we're ruining the best thing, I thought you already knew,

the view doesn't look as good with only lonely ocean blue... Agree too??? Phwew... Cause I've got one more last line to make it rhyme right... For you, Blessings


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