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Good bye Mr. Chips in simple English

Updated on November 7, 2014

The novel, “Good bye Mr. Chips”, is an account of Mr. Chips’ life, who was a school teacher at Brook-field. He taught Latin and Greek to lower classes. He was not highly qualified or trained teacher, yet he was a successful one. He was conservative and old fashioned and disliked new trends and values being introduced in his society.

He never thought in his wildest dream that he would marry a young girl, however, a stroke of fortune availed him this opportunity. It happened that once during the summer vacations, he went, along with his colleague Mr.Rowden, to Lake District to pass few days there. The next day Mr. Chips went alone to Great Gable for climbing. Half the way up he noticed a young girl, a little further up, standing on a dangerous looking ledge. She was waving her hand violently, presumably, to attract the attention of somebody. He thought that the girl needed help. He immediately rushed toward her. A little way up he slipped from a slippery rock and got his ankle wrenched. He cried out of pain and lay there motionless, for he could not move a bit. After a while he noticed the very girl stooping over him, whom he intended to rescue. The girl, along with her friends took him to the farm house where he was staying. There he came to know that the girl was not in trouble at all, she was waving her hands to her friends standing on the foot of the mountain. As the lady considered herself to be responsible for the accident, she felt herself duty-bound to nurse him as long as he did not recover. She visited Mr. Chips daily and helped him and discussed various things with him. Her name was Katherine Bridges who was governors by profession.

Within a week they fell headlong into love with each other. They then decided to get married Mr. Chips was 48 and Katherine merely 25, when they got married. The marriage brought about a great revolution in the life of Mr. Chips. On his insistence, Katherine joined Brook Filed.

They had hardly enjoyed their marriage life for two years, When Katherine Bridges died on her child birth. It shattered the whole life of Mr. Chips. He became very much sad and gloomy. In 1913, Mr. Chips fell seriously ill. He resigned from his job and shifted from the bachelors’ quarters to a house of Mrs. Wicket as a pay quest.

During the world War-I, many teachers left school to join army. The headmaster Mr. Chatteris requested Mr. Chips to rejoin the school, which he accepted. In 1917 Mr. Chatteris died and Mr. Chips was made as an acting head. He served in this capacity for few years.

After his final retirement he spent his time recalling old events and incidents and discussed them with Mrs. Wicket with great enthusiasm.

In 1933, he had an attack of Paralysis, and after few days he breathed his last

Important information about this Novel

From this novel we can learn a good lesson, which will help us in our life. As this life is very dramatic and we should love our life. Duties are to be fulfilled honesty either which type of job you are doing. Don't get ride from your life, just try to be busy and enjoy your life, don't be foolish to ask your self and be optimize.

This novel defines the life of a simple and old fashion teacher, as we are living in a modern time. We should do that which suits our life, living simple is not a bad or dirty life. Although it gives us to be happy. How much we try to get facilities in this world, it will give us more and more troubles. As Mr. Chips married but after two years of his life, his beautiful and loving wife died. This life is made just to meet with someone and when you felt love for them, now you have to say good bye to them.

Living with peace is the better way to live happy, because if you don't hurt someone, so you will not be hurt by someone. Share with others without any greed, it's mean that now a days teachers don't like to teach or perform their duty by honesty. They should teach what they know according to the subject.

This novel wrote in those days, when people were trying to get success, how much they can? Author of this novel tried to show a life of a teacher. Who has not good and enough knowledge to teach the students. Who doesn't have good resources for his life, but still he is living his life as he love it too much. We should live happy and love our life at any stage of life. There are many troubles or happy moments, which makes us happy or cry. We should not give up at any stage, we should face them like a brave man or woman. Life is to be live and enjoy it.

This novel is also broadcast on tv, which was like a film. In which actors and actress shown a good role. Their role fully defined the Mr. Chips life as it was written in novel. Every scene shows the paragraphs of novel. This novel become too much famous when it came to market for sell. Readers of this novel enjoyed it too much, that's the reason filmmakers gave a film shape to this novel. When this novel came to theaters in a shape of film, people love to watch it. It was someone like that, what they heard about it same they saw it.

Beleive on your life

This novel describes one more and important thing, which shows that we should believe on our self. It's mean that, if we believe our life, that's we are believing on our self. Which is too much hard to do it, but life is to be life at any cost. When time stops then you will think how your time will pass now, without any reason time or life will not be passed. Try to life your life with your relations, and enjoy it with a good life partner.


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