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Good for My Soul

Updated on June 24, 2016

Better than some, better than all,

Super awesome- i can write this on a wall.

Even if that wall is restricted,
Even if they prohibit me to do so,
I'm going to write
Because you were good for my soul.

Ordinary, normal, special, one of a kind,
Whatever you are, your words resonate in my mind.
I learn, i smile, i feel like a child.
I am silenced by the wonderful way you have been created by God.
I sit here and thank Him in my lifetime, i had the chance to cross paths with you.
Because there are so many people in this world,
not all of them are real, not all are true.
And not all of them are wonderful,
None like you.

But you are good,
I never even got to the point of judging you.
No matter how distant, no matter how silent,
Whether you are in a good mood or not,
You are still good.
And I don't know how my heart knows.
All i know is that i trust you and i believe in you.

One or two poems will never be enough.
Maybe I'll just have to wait until I'm drained of words.
I cannot fully express how in times it gets rough
or when i am surrounded by wolves,
You give me courage within.
I don't know how i have transformed into a "me" that i am proud to be.
I don't know. I really don't know.
But allow me to say what i know,
And i want you to know too..
That you have always been...
good for my soul.
Thank you.


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