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Good people always have a good heart

Updated on January 10, 2013

Can we say everyone is good?

Obviously not a few will say yes, while a host of others will say otherwise. Goodness is an act that is beyond human understanding. It goes deep into the fabrics of the soul which makes it unique on it own. It's a virtue that is selfless in expression and often times not base on conditions. There are people with these traits around us.

In a world that is filled with diversities and similarities, there are relative differences between what is generally classified as a good trait and virtue from one place to the other. Goodness itself can only be expressed by good mortals with good spirits and good hearts. The expressive traits we exhibit daily are the results of the chemical reactions inside of us.We are what we are because of what we have inside.

A Good heart is?

The heart is the center of life; it's the factory that continuously pumps the living substance that is known as blood. If this factory breaks down, the whole house goes down with it. There are conditions and circumstances that enhance the well-being of this awesome factory. Can we therefore say that a good heart is a well staff factory with enough man power and equipment?

A good heart is a treasure house that lacks nothing, the store rooms are well filled with the most precious spices in life. A heart, which is fill with joy and laughter to the admiration of everyone; a good heart is merciful showing no pride and does not rejoice in the downfall of others. Hearts that love is good; a heart that cares is equally good, a compassionate heart is also good.

These virtues are signs in identifying a good and a vile heart. A good heart is a blessing to generations even in the face of persecutions; goodness always triumphs.

If we all know this why aren't we all doing same? The present realities in the world are a witness to everyone that the summation of our heart might be far from anything called ‘good’.

Goodness abhors self-centered mentality in preference for selflessness. It is a common thing in the world today for people to say that it is '' the belief in themselves that has brought them this far''.

Believing in our-self is good no doubt, but at what expense?

We ought to remember at all times that we are not alone and will never be alone in this world hence the need to always recognize the reason for collectivity. Not in the sense of a political ideology but on a more serious level that is far above personal delusions. Believing in our self ought to be a well refined pattern of community or collective progress.

‘I did it because of me’ kind of attitude is self delusional and against the spirit of togetherness. It is OK to state our differences but better to declare the similarities.

A good heart is a treasure house: A treasure house is a house of wealth and fortune, a place of refuge and comfort. So is a heart that is like-wise. A healthy heart enhances the overall well-being of the human body. The advantages are so numerous, yet in spite of this; people with this kind of heart are hard to come by.

What’s the way forward?

We live in a world where the minority rule the majority and the powerful rule the powerless. The opinions of people down the ladder is of no significant even though such be the much needed antidote against these ingenious vices the world is facing. It was programmed to be so except the un-expected happens supernaturally; history is not void of such supernatural actions though; and one is certainly in the offing.

The best way to start in this mental emancipation is by looking inward:

There is a place in your heart that you seldom go to; that place has been left unattended for years and as such is filled with unwanted thoughts and strategies. Carefully remove bit by bit every iota of dirt from within your heart. This can be called spiritual purity, because it can not be experimentally carried out in the science laboratory.

Watch your tongue: The tongue is the mouth-piece of the whole body; it is the place where decisions are made known to the external audience. The tongue always speaks what it is being fed from the heart directly without any addition or subtraction. The mind is the only part of the human body that can control the tongue; the mastery of the mind in this regard is the beginning of a good trait. The mind was made to be exactly what it is and that is; to act as a regulator regarding the functioning of the physical vessel.

How can one continue to be good in a wicked world?

Goodness as virtue is not self seeking as therefore can not boast of itself. It is a gift that is beyond human understanding as stated before. Goodness is for the good of everyone excluding none. It is made for all not one, made for us not me.

Nature takes care of us right from birth and it therefore becomes morally imperative for us to reciprocate same everywhere and every time. The love of nature towards us knows no bound, the air is free, and we sleep and wake up soundly each day knowing that one day maybe it may just be the last. Most time it’s not always that way, so there’s something special about life absolutely. Goodness is the way forward and the only way we can move ahead of our foes all the time.


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    • kokomelani profile image

      Koko 4 years ago from West-Africa

      Thanks for the wonderful compliment Eiddwen, i appreciate it so much.

    • Eiddwen profile image

      Eiddwen 4 years ago from Wales

      Wonderful and also very beautiful.

      Have a great day.