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Goodbye Imaginary Limits, Hello Blue Sky

Updated on August 16, 2016

For the last couple of years I’ve made vision boards; it helps me get clarity on what I really desire. I love vision boards and I 100% believe in this exercise! In case you’re not sure exactly what a vision board is, let me explain. A vision board is where you place images that represent whatever you want to have come into your life. I usually create mine through clipart by adding certain computer images that connects with what I want. You can make yours anyway you want! You can even make your vision board out of old magazine photos. I started creating vision boards after my toxic relationship had ended. I was able to have my own headspace back (HALLELUJAH!!) and could focus on what I really wanted to happen. I save all my past vision boards, it is fun to go through them and see that everything I wanted to happen has happened. I also put little sticky notes or images of goals I want to get accomplished on my fridge; it’s a good place to remind me. All you have to do is believe, keep your eye on the prize, and things will happen. Did you know it only takes 13 milliseconds for the human eye to process an image? Talk about a need for speed! Human beings connect to imagines so strongly we can glance at a simple photo and it will last in the back of heads for who knows how long! There are so many marketing tools and advertisements that benefit from knowing this. How about we use this knowledge to our personal benefit! Work on those vision boards; dress up your living space like your living in a million dollar home! For me I like to surround my place with candles and fresh flowers, it makes my place feel lighter and helps relax me from my long day of work. You are the creator of your world, so start creating something that you love!

We have the habit of setting imaginary limits for ourselves. Why would we do such a thing when we are capable of so much! Setting limits on ourselves can be anything; it can be telling ourselves we can’t get a certain job, we will never lose the weight we want, or find someone to be in a loving relationship with. We may even tell ourselves we will never get ahead in life. The good news is you can get rid of these “limits” with believing and positive thinking!

It’s time to love and believe in yourself and not let others be the critic of your reality! Is there something you have always wanted to do, but have been too afraid to give it a shot because you worry what others would think? That is a silly thought. No one other than you should be in control of your dreams. Do not limit yourself because of others in order to go after what you want! Think of it like this, you and your idea are the cake but having validation and support towards your desires should be the icing on the cake. I took a stand to erase these “limits” and start going after what I want. The first thing I did was to book a trip to California. California is one of my favorite places to go visit. I love the way that state makes me feel. I love the beach, the sunshine, and having a glass of chardonnay near the ocean. Every time I have visited I come back home feeling refreshed and ready to Kick Ass. I knew after learning these new techniques and feeling these new thoughts I had to get myself to the one place that encourages my happiness!

I would like to share another time I didn't let limits or negativity play a role in my day. One year my good friend Chelsea and I booked a trip to San Francisco. This city had been on my bucket list and I just had to get there. Chelsea is the kind of girl that is always down for adventure at anytime; I call Chelsea my gypsy sister. Not only is she adventurous, her personality is bright! If you ever need a dose of positivity just go hang with her for five minutes and you will be smiling and laughing. I knew she and I would have a blast on this trip. One goal we both had was to ride bikes across the Golden Gate Bridge. If you know us, you would understand without question we would make this happen. The day we arrived we rushed to our hotel, checked in, and then headed out to start our quest. An hour later - two girls, two bike rentals, and one destination. As we're riding our bikes across this huge bridge and I mean HUGE bridge, I start feeling how wild of a moment this is! I'm not a bike rider but here we are in this new beautiful place just exploring the day. I felt so free! So alive! Riding a bike across the Golden Gate Bridge was like riding through the sky. Life should be more like this if you ask me. Once we biked across the entire bridge we arrived at the dock where there would be a ferry to take us back to the bay. After biking for almost two hours we finally made it to the ferry! As we pulled up we noticed we weren’t the only ones that needed to get on…there was a crowd of people waiting to do the same thing. I looked around, then turned to Chelsea and said: “Shit, let’s just ride back.” I will never forget the look on her face…the face of ‘are you sure you want to do this?’ We got on our bike rentals and headed back. Let me tell you going back was A LOT harder, it was all uphill! There were certain parts where I wanted to give up and I could feel myself getting frustrated. Then I realized…wait this isn’t a race! This is for fun, for me to enjoy something I’ve longed to do. Once I changed my thinking, the bike ride became fun again! How many times have we done this throughout our lives in other situations? I could have easily made that experience into an unpleasant one, but with the power of positive thinking and not setting limits it will forever be one of my favorite memories.

Make a decision with me. No more excuses when it comes to your happiness, your wants, and your adventures. Instead, say that you will make it happen! I could have easily said, “I will wait until my next paycheck to get my ticket to California.” This could have gone on for months putting off something I really wanted to do and NEEDED to do for myself. I made a decision and then let myself get excited instead of letting guilt get in the way. I believe if we can focus more on our goals with positive thinking and trust in having no limits, we can accomplish what we tell ourselves. “The moment you doubt whether you can fly, you cease forever to be able to do it.” –J.M Barrie

Golden Gate Bridge



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