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Goodbye My Friend Zake

Updated on December 1, 2014

By Jeb Bensing

When a star is born an old one will die.
It’s always hard to say good-bye.

They fill your soul with love,
You laugh and play,
Roll on the rug.
Cuddle and Kiss,
Share many days with wonderful hugs.

Never able to remove the thoughts from your mind.
They were able to leave an impression for all time.
The faint thought will linger for a while,
You will begin to take solace with an obvious fact –
Your friend will be just fine.

You become accustomed to their presence,
The perpetual support,
Unconditional acceptance.
When it is gone,
The mind becomes bewildered,
The heart is then defenseless.

Now it is time to regain your bearing,
Have faith in yourself,
Always listen to that lingering,
Ever potent understanding -
Love and faith are unwavering.

Their feelings will never be deterred.
Always standing on the outside looking in,
As long as you think about them time and again.
You will still meet in Heaven.

Always say goodbye,
Never forget,
The Soul is ever-lasting,
Love keeps the courage going and to –
Never Quit.

© 2014 Jeb Stuart Bensing


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    • Jeb Bensing profile image

      Jeb Stuart Bensing 3 years ago from Phoenix, Arizona

      Both of you, Thank You for the blessings . Sharing emotions using a productive outlet helps ease the heart, and focus the mind.

    • Phyllis Doyle profile image

      Phyllis Doyle Burns 3 years ago from High desert of Nevada.

      Jeb, this is such a beautiful and endearing poem. The memory of those "impressions of little paws" is always a loving thing to have. Seems like you are finding peace with those loving memories of Zake. Blessings to you.

    • clivewilliams profile image

      Clive Williams 3 years ago from Nibiru

      my blessings friend