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Goodbyes are easy

Updated on October 16, 2010




how do you fall out of love so quickly?

this smooth situation has turned quite sticky

over the years

giving my all

just to be assured

it will all too soon come to a fall

i guess deep down

your intentions were good

it is not in your scope

i do not think you could

i am sorry, we will cope

at times i wish

this could have been worked out


there is far too much doubt

counseling sessions

continued regressions

why pick a fight?

please, just let us say goodnight.

i know that my heart

will be temporarily sad

there is no longer anger

i am not mad

i hope you can heal

i wish you the best

this game is over

it is not a test


i have been on stand-by

for long enough

this dirty laundry

do not make this tough

fate is something you cannot change

my destiny has been called

to be rearranged

my body is numb

my heart is aching

my soul is slowly


not one person understands

and if they do

they do not comprehend

taking care of myself

is regulatory

taking care of my daughter

is mandatory

the weeping and crying

i've had about enough

it's time to throw in the cards

i haven't a choice but to show no weakness

i have got to be tough


through so many years

i fought my tears

walked around on eggshells

merry-go-round of tell-tales

i am anything but perfect

i'll be the first to admit

my heart and your head

they just do not fit

i feel as if we're forcing

ourselves to be together

forcing a love that is probably not meant

to be forever

i cannot pretend to care anymore

the past is over

let us close this heavy door

this is by far not living life

i am hardly functioning

day in and day out

something is malfunctioning

let's not cause any more grief

i will go on my way

please leave me in peace


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