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Gorilla by Anthony Browne Children's Book Review

Updated on July 14, 2011

A lovely, tasteful tale for the lonely child

Gorilla is the bittersweet tale of Hannah, who loves gorillas more than almost anything in the world. Hannah reads about gorillas whenever she can. She eats a cereal featuring a monkey on the front -not quite a gorilla, but what cereal has a gorilla for a mascot? She lives, breathes, and dreams of gorillas. Hannah really wishes she could go to the zoo to see living gorillas, but her father is too busy with work. As much as Hannah thinks about her favorite animal, her father thinks about work.

Every time Hannah wants to spend time with her father, in fact, he is too busy. Finally, something wondrous happens to Hannah -she visits the zoo at night, when all the people are asleep, but the gorillas are awake, waiting for her. In the end, all works out.

The book Gorilla by Anthony Browne is sad at points as it is not all fantasy. In fact, it shows the bitter realities of a single parent household. While father is not the main subject, he really is much of the focus of the book, as the double surprise at the end will show. This is a book perfect for any child whose mother or father had gone away, by death or other means. It presents its young readers with an understanding that life is not always pink bunnies and puppy dogs, while simultaneously not shocking them unduly. Anthony Browne has successfully created a piece of children's literature that will teach real lessons about life while also remaining enduring.

This is a lovely, memorable tale.


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      helin 5 years ago

      realy good think give a medal to him