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Grace-A Poem

Updated on January 31, 2015
My husband drew and painted this one.
My husband drew and painted this one. | Source


In hope, a new day begins again.

Men prepare a room according to their Master’s plan.

Fond are their memories of a few days ago

Still they are fearful of what they don’t know.

The twelve then wait as He kneels Himself down.

He then washes their feet without a sound.

One of them wants a thorough washing outside.

Another one struggles with the evil inside.

The bread is broken and passed around.

The wine is sipped and is drunk down.

“This is my body and blood broken and spilt,” He says.

He then reaches His hand for a crust of bread.

He dips it in the bowl and hands it to the one.

The time is now. The deed will be done.

He pulls out three- Peter, James, and John.

They walk to the garden as the day winds down.

He prays. They sleep. He awakes them twice.

He prays again and contemplates this night.

With tears and great sweat drops of blood,

He surrenders His will. His eyes do flood.

Then look the one is here. The time is now.

A kiss to betray a friend-that’s how.

The soldiers come. Man’s plan plays out.

He goes of His own accord. God’s plan plays out.

Where are they now his faithful friends?

They scatter and hide but two follow close to Him.

The trial begins if you call it that.

The accusers say this and they make up fact.

He says nothing but remains eerily calm.

He is passed around from king to pawn.

Just then a rooster shrills its’ cry.

He looks across to his bold friend nearby.

The friend in shame runs from His sight.

Through his bitter tears, he knows he’ll never forget this night.

The Shepherd is then beaten and abused.

He is mocked. He is sorely bloodied and bruised.

Silent still He calmly waits.

He will now take that murderer’s place.

He begins the walk that ends in death.

He was born for this. For this He took human breath.

Up the hill to be nailed on high,

In the midst of thieves He will say goodbye.

Who stands there faithful to the very end?

It is the women alone and one faithful friend.

To John He gives the care of His mom.

He knows she will need someone to depend upon.

Loneliness encases Him as His Father turns His back.

His red, red blood covers our sin so black.

The men He hangs between will die very soon.

They both speak to Him but each with a different tune.

One mocks and sneers his justified fate.

The other cries and claims God’s sweet grace.

The sky turns to a stormy sound.

The temple curtain is torn up to down.

He asks for forgiveness for those who kill.

His soul is commended to God’s great will.

His body is taken down and then prepared.

The one who visited Him one night is there.

“How can I be born again?” He remembers it now.

He recalls his struggle with the fear somehow.

“I am the Way, the Truth, and the Life,” came the Teacher’s reply.

It now makes sense to his deep heart cry.

The body is placed in a rich man’s tomb.

The stone is rolled and the night ends in gloom.

A soldier keeps guard and a watchful sight.

The betrayer, by his own hand is also dead this night.

On the third day the women take their leave.

A proper burial is what they need.

To the grave they walk but wait the stone is gone.

Who is this now in this place alone?

An angel greets them with an unbelievable tale.

“He is not here!” “He is risen!” “All is well!”

There is a gardener present but wait it’s not.

It’s Him. It’s the Teacher, the Son of God.

They run back to tell the hiding men.

They have to repeat their tale and then

Peter and John take off and run.

One of them stops but the other goes on.

The angel is there just as they heard.

Their hearts are stirred by his every word.

They remember now all the things He had said.

They understand now. They rejoice. He’s not dead!

Life everlasting! Life precious and free!

Mercy to all for that Life on the tree!

Like the thieves who were present on that fateful day

We are given the same choice-to sneer or obey.

To trust in the One who gave up His life

Or to trust in ourselves and our own great might.

There is one thing as constant as night and day

We will all give an answer that determines our way.

Grace that poured down from that tree

And rose in the grave has rescued me.

I am forgiven for every evil I’ve done,

Because He loved me and because He has won.

Scandal of Grace


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    • joycampbell profile imageAUTHOR

      Joy Campbell 

      4 years ago from Oklahoma

      Thank you for your sweet compliments. I am so glad you enjoyed my poem. I will tell my husband what you said about his art. He is very talented. I hope you have a lovely Easter as well.

    • lcbenefield profile image


      4 years ago from Georgia

      Beautiful and awesome. Voted up. Writing this through tears at the beauty of it all. His love is so precious and powerful. He died for us to redeem us. Loved the art by your husband. Happy Easter to you both.


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