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Grace to Let Go

Updated on April 10, 2015
Doors of familiarity 
taunt and tease the weary mind 
Leaving nothing but a tangled knot 
and tired eyes which have grown blind 
How can a heart be drawn to 
such things that cause it pain 
And a scope that's ever narrowing 
til the mind forgets it's sane 
Oh heart stop this frantic beating 
and rest for just a little while 
Cast your glance upon some other things 
and perhaps you'll dare to smile 
Would a Loving God permit 
white knuckles clenched in fright 
To become the heart's identity 
as a prisoner kept from light 
Tearful pleas to heaven awaiting 
strength to face another day 
My child, denial may seem harsh right now 
but trust I know a better way 
Would you dare to call Me loving- 
if I stood idly by your side 
While ignoring crippling woundedness 
and pain you've fought so hard to hide 
Sometimes the quest for unending strength 
to carry burdens not your own 
Is the very thing that stunts the growth 
of the seeds My hand has sown 
Letting go may seem so hard to do 
uncertainty displays no ground to gain 
But fading will be the echoes voice 
as the familiar cries out your name 
Trust is found with tiny footsteps 
though through darkness be each one 
My love will shines as brightly for you 
as it did beneath the sun 
Love was never meant to cripple 
or carry wounding on it's wing 
How would a saddened songbird learn 
a cause with which to sing 
And how sweet to me the sound 
of children's laughter in the wind 
But I know this kind of laughter 
can only come from hearts that mend 
Let go, let go- of your grip 
to while knuckles blood will flow 
Til prison walls are crumbled heaps 
and seeds planted can now grow 
Let go, let go- of your quest 
to be much stronger than you've been 
Til that songbird learns to sweetly sing 
and laughter's caught up in the wind... 
Lisa Patricoff 
April 2015 


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