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Grains: A Poem

Updated on October 15, 2014

Grains spiral through a mighty river
Turbid and whirling, dancing, unfurling
Varied in size and shape but together all the same
All hurtling towards waters unknown

Some float delicately at the top
Fine and silty with perfectly round edges
Never knowing or caring for what lies beneath

Some drag heavy on the bottom
Tumbling numbly to their fates
Having lost themselves long ago

I want to be the grain that bounces
Gravity and the currents may drag it down
But it always rises into suspension again

Not perfectly round or perfectly flat
Imperfectly beautiful all the same
It knows highs and it knows lows
It knows it is going somewhere

With serene acceptance in a turbulent current
The grain drifts quietly to waters unknown

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© 2014 Lissa Clason


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    • Lissa Clason profile image

      Lissa Clason 3 years ago from Fayetteville, North Carolina

      Thank you, Sheila! For some reason it isn't under poetry. I'll be sure to go change it.

    • profile image

      sheilamyers 3 years ago

      Great poem! You asked in the forums about the hub score you received. I forgot to mention in my response there about the hub categories. Did you make sure to file it under poetry in the literature and writing category? If not, make sure you do because poems are scored a bit differently. I'll be following you and I hope you post some more wonderful poems.