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Grand Masquerade

Updated on September 17, 2017

In masks we thought they could hide,

Wars of intrigue each silently side.

Swelling intel from various sources

Granting tactics between their forces.

Bait and switch they trap and gather

Spying soldiers of cloak and dagger.

One step ahead against their foes,

Ensured plans of preparation flows.

Mistakes are fatal like a blowing whistle,

Blinking target of a homing missile.

Bluff through the battle an art of trickery,

Or you’ll fall to the ground so easily.

Disguised as friends, disguised as foes

Be careful to trust as if one tiptoes.

Masks may reveal which side you’re on

Unravelling clues that needs to be done.

Lies would fail if it isn’t that steady,

Truth wreck havoc for hearts not ready.

© 2017 Delver J


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