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Grandma Lou and Charles, Too

Updated on June 19, 2014
Charles | Source
Grandma Lou
Grandma Lou | Source

Chapter 1

Grandma Lou was a round little lady with gray hair, a turned up nose , and black rimmed glasses.

In the pet store
In the pet store | Source

One day she went to a pet store to see if there were any new dogs. The animal shelter people were just bringing in two large carts of dogs. Their cages were stacked three tiers high. All the dogs were barking and carrying on something fierce. They were even pooping and making messes, and it smelled awful.

Grandma Lou thought, these poor dogs don’t have a chance of being adopted. They are all scruffy and noisy. No one will want them. She felt sad for them.

Then she saw one dog that stood out from the rest. He was sitting quietly in his cage. He was not barking. He was not scared. He just looked around at all the people crowded around to see the dogs. He looked up at Grandma Lou.

He had a turned up nose and black around his eyes. He was very round.

“He is a Pug”, the lady told her.”His name is Charles.”

Grandma Lou stared into his eyes. Charles stared quietly back. When Grandma Lou walked away someone said,

“His eyes are following you.”

Grandma Lou thought and thought. Shall I take this dog home? She went back and looked at Charles again. Then she said to the lady,

“I would like to adopt this dog.”

The lady took Charles out of the cage and put him on a leash. Grandma Lou took the leash and walked around the store with him. She put dog food in her cart. Charles trotted along happily.

Grandma Lou looked at dog collars.

She picked a black one and tried it

on Charles. He smiled.

“You are happy to have a collar,” said

Grandma Lou.

Grandma Lou went through the

checkout line.Everyone said,

“Oh, what a fine dog you have!”

“I just adopted him” answered Grandma Lou.

Off they go!
Off they go! | Source

When they got to Grandma Lou’s car, Charles hopped in and they went home.

“I wonder what Grandpa will think?” said Grandma Lou.

When she got home she walked into the house and said,

“Surprise! I got us a dog!”

“Oh my,” said Grandpa.

Grandpa | Source

Later that day Grandma Lou noticed that Grandpa

was asleep in his recliner and Charles was curled

up next to him. Grandpa was snoring , as usual.

Charles was snoring just as loud!

“I picked the right dog,” said Grandma Lou.

Watch for Chapter 2

Charles turns into Mighty Charles in the next chapter. Watch for it!

© 2014 Carol McNairy Wight


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