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Grandma Lou and Charles, Too- Chapter 2

Updated on May 31, 2014
Red Bed
Red Bed

Mighty Charles

Grandma Lou bought Charles a nice little dog bed. It was red and had a cushion in the middle. Charles got in it and scraped his paws around to arrange the pillow. He looked like he was digging a hole. He curled up and went to sleep.

He woke up suddenly when he heard music. Was Grandma Lou playing her flute? He liked to listen to her play her flute. When she did he would go sit under her chair. But, no, it was something else. Maybe it was the T.V. This is what he heard:

(sung to the Mighty Mouse tune)

Here he comes to save the day...

Mighty Charles is on his way.

Mighty Mouse Theme song

Mighty Charles
Mighty Charles | Source

The next thing he knew he was standing on

a street corner . He was wearing a cape and

a blue and red outfit with a yellow belt.The shirt said M.C. on it.

He saw two bad men with guns. They were

running away from a bank and they had bags

of money. Charles jumped in front of them.

He stood up on his hind legs ( which only made

him about 3 feel tall) and barked viciously.

"ruff ruf ruf! Ruff ruff ruff ruff, ruff ruff! He said.

The bad men were so surprised to see a little dog with a cape that they started to laugh. They dropped the money and collapsed hysterically on the sidewalk.

Bad Guys
Bad Guys | Source
Happy Dog
Happy Dog | Source

Just then the police appeared and took them off to jail. One policeman stopped to pat Charles on the head.

“Good doggie,” he said. Charles smiled.

At home Charles jumped out of his dog bed and ran to find Grandma Lou He held his tail up just a little bit straighter. After all, he was Mighty Charles.

Watch for Chapter 3

Coming soon…More adventures of Mighty Charles. Will he save the day again?


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