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Grandma's Brew

Updated on September 15, 2015

The Brewing Pot

“My dear child, I hope you understand what you are asking me to do.”

Nirvana nodded and the tears that she tried to control fell. “I can not take it anymore, Grandma. I can’t ….” She sobbed as her grandmother dropped leaves and roots into the boiling pot.

Nirvana could not shake the image of Cherry and her husband in bed together. After ten years of marriage, her husband had fallen in love with another woman.

“It hurts, it hurts…” she wailed and buried her face in her hands.

The old woman stood next to her and stroked her hair, “Hush, hush, my child. Soon, it will be over.”

The Philandering Husband

Robbie had been unfaithful to Nirvana so many times. As a salesman, he traveled a lot and got involved with different women.

“What is your problem? I married you, didn’t I? You ought to be grateful I still come home to you,” Robbie chided her.

In spite of her husband’s indiscretions, Nirvana believed that Robbie loved her and would never seriously fall for another woman. Then she discovered his affair with a young bar girl named Cherry.

“She doesn’t mean anything to me. She’s just a pastime,” Robbie said when confronted.

One weekend when Robbie was away on a seminar, Nirvana knew he was lying and the one person who could tell her something would be her sister-in-law so she dropped by her house to investigate.

When she found her husband’s car parked in front, Nirvana knew something was going on because her husband could impose on his equally promiscuous sister anytime. Robbie’s sister panicked when she saw Nirvana.

She banged on the bedroom door until Robbie peeked out. He froze when he saw her. Nirvana pushed the door as hard as she could. Her eyes moved from her husband wearing a towel on his waist to the naked woman on the bed trying to cover herself.

Nirvana’s mind snapped. She swore as she lunged at her, slapped and clawed at her until Robbie pulled her away.

“Stop it. Leave her alone!” He half-dragged her out of the bedroom. “If you don’t behave yourself, I will leave you,” he hissed.

She felt as though she had been doused with icy water. She stared at him and Nirvana knew she had lost Robbie to that girl.

“I am in love with Cherry but I will stay with you because you are my wife.”

Robbie’s words hurt her. She wanted him to stay because he loved her, not just because she was his wife.

She cried herself to sleep when Robbie did not come home at nights. She hated the pain that greeted her each morning. She hated herself for not standing up for her right as his wife.

Fatal Revenge

“You’re still here,” Robbie said when he came home one morning.

“I’m not working today,” Nirvana replied as she put cups on the table. “Coffee?”

“Yes…after a quick shower.”

He was dressed when he came out. “Why are you not working today?” he asked as he sat opposite her.

Nirvana pushed a steaming cup to him. “I had to do something.” She watched him sip his coffee. “I visited Grandma Beth.”

Robbie lifted his brows. “The witch?”

“She’s not a witch.”

He took another sip from his cup. “There’s something weird about her. And the rumors that she poisoned your grandfather …”

“It’s true…” Nirvana said matter-of-factly.

“What?” he asked with annoyance but before she could answer, he creased his forehead and slowly put the half-empty cup on the table.

“Are you alright?”

He leaned on his chair, “I feel odd…”

“Why don’t you finish your coffee and you can go lie down….”

Robbie hesitated, then lifted the cup and emptied the black liquid in one gulp. He grimaced as he put the cup down.

“Is it worse?”

“I don’t feel good.” He was catching his breath. “Maybe something I ate…”

“Maybe something in your coffee…” Nirvana leaned back and traced the rim of her cup with her finger.

He stared at her and Nirvana stared back. “Did you have a good time with Cherry last night?” She smiled. “Of course you did… too bad it was going to be your last….”

“Nirvana! What are you talking about?”

“Do you really think I would stand back and watch you two make a fool of me…” she leaned forward, “night after night?”

Robbie swore and got up but his legs gave way. He grabbed his chair as he pitched forward.

He was on the floor groaning. “Nirvana…what did you do? What did you…” he stopped and his eyes grew wide. “The coffee…what did you…?”

She stood next to his crumpled figure. “Grandma’s brew…just like the one that killed grandpa…” she said smiling. “Are you in pain?” She heard him groan. “That is nothing compared to the pain you caused me…”

Robbie grabbed her leg. “Nirvana…you can’t do this to me… I don’t want to die.”

“Oh, don’t worry, you will not die. A drop won’t kill you but you won’t be any use to your Cherry now.” Nirvana bent down to remove his hand from her leg. She held his hand as she sat on the floor.

“You know… like you, Grandpa fell in love with another woman. On the day he was to leave Grandma, he suffered a stroke and was reduced to a vegetable. It was a surprise because he was fit… he was healthy. Grandma took care of him for some time…but she got tired…” she paused and patted his hand tenderly.

“Nirv…” he started but lost his voice. She saw Robbie’s tears and she smiled as she pressed his limp hand gently.

© 2013 Virgo908


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