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What Does A Content Writer Do

Updated on May 11, 2017

Write Articles & Get Published

Writing Articles for Online Work

Articles writers are needed by websites and the demand can't be filled fast enough. This is due to the lack of new and fresh thinking writers. Article publishing companies can’t keep enough fresh content flowing to needed areas because more writers are needed. This is where our opportunity comes in and we profit from this. The important thing you must do first is establish yourself with these publishing companies, websites and blogspots. They know their business and they probably will catch anything wrong and hopefully allow you to fix it. Once you do you will be making very good money from sharing good quality articles.

Is this Job Right For You?

If you decide to continue with this interest to become an expert content writer, you will have more work than you know what to do with. You could become so successful writing that you would have to hire someone to ease your load. So be careful not to take on too much.

After completing the your first article you will submit it and and see if what you have written is acceptable, if it is then you start getting paid if you did a good job.

Write Articles and Get Published

Unless specified by the publishing company you chose to work with, you must clearly understand what they are looking for before you agree to provide content. Ask questions to make things clear. We have to start somewhere and understanding is the key to success in this business. Articles are purchased from you by the publisher for $5 and up to $500 per article. As you gain experience you get more assignments.

If you decide to become an article writer, you will be working online with other freelance workers maybe working on similar projects. Make contact with the companies you desire to publish some articles with and see what happens.This could be a profitable business you will see many opportunities for article writers, when you start submitting your work.

What Comes Next

After your initial submittance of at least five articles, you will be able to ask for what you want the companies will pay you for your article - which would work out to be about $25 per 500 word article.

Once you have established yourself in this business, for websites and blogging sites you can pretty much charge what you want. Keep in mind the length of the article determines your rate of pay. $10 to $25 per article for a 500 words article isn't bad and knowing it gets better. If you can offer a discount for several articles in a package this can bring extra money also.

You Need Access to a Computer

You don't need a website but I think it would be a great idea to get one up and going especially if you are making this your business.

Only you can make a decision whether you want to start your own blog spot or website and provide your services to others as a article writing.

Article Writing is a Big Business

If you work part time you can make $25K to $45K a year.

If you work full time as a content writers you can make between $75K to $200K a year.

This Growing Opportunity You Don't Want To Miss

When starting your own website the whole objective is to rank high on the search engines.It would be a great idea for you to familiarize yourself with new search engine guidelines. The trend I am seeing is that article writers has had a major growth over the past few years and has gotten a lot of attention.

There Is Unlimited Opportunities Work as a Freelance Article Writer

You will be working as an freelance article writer this means you keep everything you earn from writing your articles. As a Freelance Article Writer you will have unlimited opportunities.

This opportunity is simple, If you write anyways this is just what you want. If you just want to make some extra money submitting articles to publisher go for it. All you need to do is prepare your articles and submit them to publishing companies websites and blog spots and get paid.

Building a better opportunity for yourself is possible because globally and locally there are millions of websites that you can look into. You have the option to work and choose who you will work for, this is an online job. You can accept or decline any offer. There are unlimited opportunities for you to use the skills you have and contact websites or blog spots, and get work directly from them.

You have the advantage as a writing to think big and take this to extreme levels. Make this more than just a job but an online business. When you set up your own website and blog spots that's the moment you became a business. Providing article content is a business. I have taken it to this level and actually I'm doing quite well. This can lead to bigger and better opportunities. Think big, don't put limits on what you can achieve.

The best part about this is that anyone from literally everywhere can create articles for these publishing companies, websites, and blog spots around the world. It doesn't matter where you are from or your location writing articles is a world wide job. If you can type, and follow directions which is normally provided by the publishing company, websites and blog spots, you can do this.

Why Speaking Another Language Is Handy

The Internet will keep growing and many websites from all over the world are looking for fresh content to add to their websites and if you speak other languages you have now stepped up your game and increased your earnings. I use a translator and I communicate very effectively with my people and I can only speak 2 languages, but you wouldn't know it. I don't get calls I correspond through emails.

You Make the Decision for Your Future

I can only give you what I know and you can do the research and the math and if it adds up, It's a no brainer. As I take this journey into article writing and getting published it is a task, but we know there is a silver lining. Or, in this case a pot of gold at the end of the rainbow. I can provide only so much information without violating any rules or policies. It will take a lot of research to get into the business if you don't already have resources or a mentor to assist you with getting started in writing articles. Sometimes we have to just get our mind focused and step out on faith and build our own future. Writing Articles and get published is one of the best ways to get started earning real money.

Some sites will require you to submit articles for free, to get a feel for your writing style. I never send an article that might be relevant to what the particular company may be promoting, that is just good business. I have been able to get ideas from other articles but found out you can not use it. As stated everybody is looking for fresh new content. Some days it's difficult to focus, so you take a break and come back to your project with fresh ideas. don't stress. If for some reason you don't feel this is for you, STOP, and think about it. Anything you really want you will find a way to get past any obstacles, and usually the obstacles is ourselves.....


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