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Audio Transcription What Is That About

Updated on May 11, 2017

Its A Job Somebody Will Do It

This is the process we take when gathering recorded information spoken, from videos and audios and type them as accurately as we can from listening to the information given.

Yes, This Too is Considered Transcribing

When I was growing up, and a certain song came on the radio and I wanted to learn the song, I would grab a piece of paper and pen and start writing the words down. So when I got into transcribing I was already ahead of the game. The first thing I did to get started I grabbed that recorder and recorded the song, Then, I would listen and listen until I had written the whole song down. Before I knew it I was singing right along. Using the same concept we will be able to do this kind of work.

You Will Be Earning a Paycheck

This job has been around for a long time, if you watch television you have probably seen people in the courtroom. Well, the person that is sitting down and typing is called stenography, transcription is really related because you are typing what is being said as well. Writing a song down to memorize it won't get you paid but transcribing you you will get paid.

Today We Have to Adjust to the Needs of the Market Place

This is a job that requires great attention and your listening skills have to be on point. Business' have decided to record most of their meetings and conferences. So, this is where we come in. Sometimes there will be several people giving dialog and we must be able to distinguish the different voices and the words to be able to put the correct words with the correct speakers. Example, when 3-5 people are talking, you must be able to understand which person is speaking. Businesses are turning to this method of getting information out using social media. Since most people are using the internet more to find information this is a good thing for us!

You say you can post audio on social media, but to rank high on the social engines you must have content not audio and video, this is not considered content. So to get this audio into text form, businesses hire us to get the work done for them. It is a tedious job, but for sure it is worth it.

What You Already Know

If you went to school and paid attention to what you were learning, those skills from your typing class or computer class can be used doing audio transcription. This is where you would apply what you have learned to open up many job opportunities: for businesses, educational platforms, research and social media. But if you decided to go to school to learn audio transcription you would pay something in the range of $800-$1500 just for that course.

Digital and Tape Transcription

This is where your material will come from: this will be considered research material, recordings from conference calls, meetings, focus groups, telephone call and taped interviews. Because of changing times, we have the opportunity to start our own online transcription business due to the demand. Listening is your key to success but understanding you will be much more successful.

You would not believe the many transcription jobs currently available not being filled because of the lack of qualified workers. This allows us to benefit from and earn income from home.


If you already know how to type and have a speed of about 40-60 words per minute it will help you do your assignments. But if you are like me I was a pecker and the job became tedious and long. We already have to start and stop the recording to get the information down on paper for accuracy not knowing how to type will hinder the process. So what I did was I bought a typing book, you know like they give you in school and I started doing the typing quizzes to build up my speed. What you don’t use you lose.

Because I had to relearn typing accurately, I lost money for the time I was building up my skills. because my speed was about at 30-40 words per minute in the beginning. But now I make about $35 per hour and it is a good business.

Every business has their own way to pay you for your services and most are using PayPal so, I set up an account with them and linked my bank account to this service. I opted out of mailed checks for my own reasons, but if this is how you must get paid, then use this method.

Take Your Time

Do what you must do to relax, go at your own pace, they want accuracy more than speed. Reviewing your assignments before you start your work is recommended because this will give you the style you will need to implement and the formatting you will need to use, very important to be a successful audio transcriber. Make sure you understand all of the information given by the companies, repeat what was said, and ask questions. Proofreading and editing your work before submitting would be a good thing for you to do.

This way you catch anything that can be changed before it is sent off. This is just a head up for you some of the companies will want you to use postal mail service but mainly electronic mail will be used.

What if I Don’t Understand What is Being Said?

Script Transcription you must get everything being said in detail, I’m talking about stuttering or unfinished words and sentences will be transcribed. I did the unthinkable when I started, People on the audio I was transcribing were saying things like,”ummm”, and “ah”, and “you know” and I didn’t include these in my assignments, then I found out I even had to include people laughing and sighing or even taking a deep breath, really.

You will be including pauses that are noticed and or interruptions. You must pay attention to detail I can’t stress that enough. The researchers you will be doing transcription work for, some times are interested in speech patterns and your accuracy is important.

For most of these assignments you will edit the text, remove incorrect grammar or slang words like: “k” into “okay,” We use this style when publishing our transcript, this style is very handy when transcribing conference lectures or hearing.

Your clients are mainly looking for content and are not interested in how exactly it was presented for their project. This is for logistic purposed so content is mostly desired, this is for the purpose of summarizing a discussion.

Take this into consideration when you are transcribing you should type what you are hearing clear and plain. Go back and collect the other information you did not quite understand to include in your assignment. Believe me even though you were hired to provide this service the client will spend much time reviewing the audio and your work making sure the document is correct. When you are transcribing you will include a time code in some cases. Time codes indicate the change when a new speaker begins to speak.

These Are a Few of the Jobs That I Have Had to Transcribe:

  • Cooking show dialog,
  • Business meetings
  • Conference calls

When you are transcribed audio into text and video into text, you must think of this as a job and you must treat it as such.


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