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Golf Is Boring To Me

Updated on September 15, 2016

This is something I have, to be honest about: I really think golf is a boring sport. I have never had an interest in putting a little ball into a hole, and even playing miniature golf was not that fun for me. However, if you are a golfer I know of a beautiful place where you can play golf and live too. This is beautiful Grass Valley Lake in Lake Arrowhead, California. I grew up a couple of miles from Grass Valley Lake and I used to walk down there all the time. Grass Valley Lake has a really cute park next to the lake where you can have a picnic. If you are a member of the Lake Arrowhead Country Club you can even play golf at this very upscale golf course.

If you are looking for a beautiful home within walking distance of the golf course, there are many picturesque homes to choose from. I will warn you right away, homes next to the Grass Valley golf course are not cheap. Also, with the threat of fire danger in the San Bernardino Mountains, I would not recommend living there because you will have to buy a really expensive home owner's insurance. Do not get me wrong, life in the mountains is great for raising a family and I am glad I grew up there, but it is not the most affordable place to live in the world. With the recurrent fire danger you may want to reconsider living up there permanently, but you could visit for the weekend and this is much safer.

However, if you want to buy a house near Grass Valley Lake and become a member of the country club you can, but it is not inexpensive. There are things I would rather do besides golf, so I will share these things with you here.

Windy wild hair next to Grass Valley Lake.
Windy wild hair next to Grass Valley Lake.

Take A Walk Down To Grass Valley Lake

If you decide to stay at a hotel or cabin up in Lake Arrowhead you can always take a walk down to Grass Valley Lake. Lake Arrowhead Village tends to be a little on the touristy side, but Grass Valley Lake is less so. You can just drive down to Grass Valley Lake and take some beautiful pictures if that is all you feel like doing. Better yet, buy a picnic lunch at the grocery store and enjoy the view at the park next to Grass Valley Lake. In the distance, you will be able to watch the golfers, which is much cheaper than paying to live up here and golf. Also, it is more fun!

Talk A Walk At The The Indian Camp Trail

Drive out to Highway 173 and take a walk on the one-mile path leading to the Indian Rock Camp. The Indian Rock Camp trail is very easy to walk on, thus it would be appropriate for the entire family. Once you get there you can admire the impression made in the metate rocks by the Serrano Indian women. Back up until the late 1700's before the Spanish missionaries had come and changed the Serrano's way of life, this group would go up to the San Bernardino Mountains every fall and collect acorns from the oak trees. Metate is the Spanish word for mortar, and in the Aztec and Mayan cultures people used metates to grind corn. In the small Serrano (means mountains in Spanish) of the San Bernardino Mountains the women used metates to grind acorn meal, which was made into a tortilla like food. I admire the Serrano women who spent hours of back breaking labor to make food for their family each fall in the San Bernardino Mountains. Just think, these women did not have refrigerators and they had to sort out the rotten acorns to ensure their meal would be edible for making tortillas. Visiting the metatee rocks at the Indian Rock Camp is much more interesting than play golf. Just a suggestion of some of the sites you can see while visiting the San Bernardino Mountains.

Plaque dedicated to the Serrano women of the Indian Rock Camp.
Plaque dedicated to the Serrano women of the Indian Rock Camp.
The metate rocks where the Serrano women used to grind the cornmeal for their main food staple, tortillas.
The metate rocks where the Serrano women used to grind the cornmeal for their main food staple, tortillas.


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