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Grave Peril: A Paranormal Thriller of Conspiracy, Twist, Turns, and Of Course Monsters.

Updated on June 19, 2016

Gravel Peril By Jim Butcher

Wow. I have been incredibly busy. And with all the craziness. I have not been able to read much. Which is kind of crazy in itself. I mean me not ready is like pigs soaring through the sky. Something is very unbalanced in the world. But I realized that I never wrote a review to the book I finished a while ago. This book is a fun little treat and also the third book in the Dresdin Files series. This book is Grave Peril by Jim Butcher.

So what is this book? Well to newcomers its set in a modern dark fantasy world where monsters and magic are just an accepted part of our world and society. And Harry Dresdin is a wizard for hire in this world. And with that set, this tale begins in a mess to say the least. Harry is working with a good friend to find out why violent ghosts are suddenly springing out of the wood work harming people. A demon force known as the nightmare also begins to show its face. Dresdin’s god mother is after Harry’s soul. Vampires are trying to force him to a grotesque dinner party. And this strange girl named Lydia practically comes out of the blue asking for protection. So this story has all these plot lines hitting Dresdin at once and then tangling together into a well-crafted conspiracy toward the end. Sorry. I knew that was vague but there’s no other way to explain it without spoiling things.

The good? The story was surprisingly well crafted. At first things seem chaotic and random. But when tied together, it does so, so beautifully that I realized everything was connected. After the big reveal I recounted the events in the story it dawned on me, there were clues all along pointing to what was going on. I just never caught onto them. Especially a huge one that foreshadowed everything in the third chapter! Brillant! I was impressed by how well written it was, because the book before this in the series was so predictable. Great turn around Butcher! The story here also focuses on so many different aspects of Harry’s life. His relationship with his friend Micheal is explored and it is an interesting dynamic to the story as he is a deeply religious man. It also focuses on his love for his girlfriend Susan which I found went to some surprising places. Also the reader finally get to learn a little bit about the politics of the super natural world and Never Never which had never been explored until this book. Also this tale is unpredictable.

The bad? Not much to say but one thing. The first chapter drops the reader into the action scene. Chapter two jumps back in time leading up to it. And chapter picks up after the action scene. It was a weird and jarring way to start the book. But that was the only issue.

Overall, this is an unpredictable roller coaster ride. If you like super natural staff and good mysteries. You’ll love this.

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