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Gravity or God ?

Updated on August 9, 2012

For many, many years, God battled single-handedly with the Satan. God , ultimately, came out victorious as there were more number of people ready to kill & die in His name & far fewer takers for Satan.

Interestingly, while Satan promised all the tempting & nice things, God forbade them. And yet God managed to trounce the almost equally potent Satan. Man gave up the things of joy promised by Satan in favour of a rather regimented lifestyle laid down by God Almighty. After this glorious victory, God remained the unchallenged king of this & the other Worlds for many, many years.


It was then that a small group of earthlings challenged the might of God, one of them even went to the extent of declaring 'God is dead'. But God was not. He crushed such earthlings in His own subtle, silent way. Happy at the turn of events, God re-established His omnipotence.

But lo! As God was basking in the glory of His victory, the beginning of the last century gave God a new enemy - the Gravitational energy or gravity for short!

Unlike Satan, Gravity was abstract, so God could not use the old trick of 'God is good & Satan is evil'. Gravitational forces were anything but evil, these were not good either. In fact , they were totally attributeless !

Ironically, Gravity was a humble concept propounded by a God-fearing English scientist who, seemingly, was inspired by, guess what, an apple! Remember it was a fruit that tempted original creation of God to commit the Original Sin!

Gawd! Who knew fruits could be so evil, so dangerous?

Anyways, Gravity remained dormant for years together till a physically challenged scientist challenged the might of the Almighty ! It was Gravity & not God that started it all , he claimed.

God obviously was caught unawares. Gravity indeed!

How could one fight the grand design of that sort of monster? Fighting Satan was , comparatively, a tame affair. After all he was a known devil.

Gravity was lifeless, attributeless, shapeless, emotionless entity.

It had no father, no mother, no spouse, no offspring. It was neither created , nor could be destroyed. It was omnipresent. In short, it was almost like God!

The Challenger
The Challenger

Hawkins, the scientist, elaborated on grand design of Gravity, the newest rival of God: :

“Because there is a law such as gravity, the universe can and will create itself from nothing. Spontaneous creation is the reason there is something rather than nothing, why the universe exists, why we exist…..It is not necessary to invoke God to light the blue touch paper and set the universe going.”

Now, this sounds almost unbelievable and has left God with little options. By denying the role & need of God in the creation process, the scientist has turned the wisdom of last six to seven millennia on its head.

Were the billions of men, women & children who died believing all their lives that a benign heavenly father who created and sustained them , awaits them after their death, utterly wrong?

A single man's opinion against that of billions of others! By declaring that Gravity is the creator, sustainer & destroyer of the Universe, the meek looking scientist dethroned God in a single, swift move! When God tried to explore further about Gravity he got confusing statements thrown at him. Gravity, He was told, is the lowest energy vibration of every fundamental particle that has mass . Further investigation into this got God into a string of warped theories of Time-Space going all the way to ten-demensions!


God must be , perhaps, ruing the day when he did not stop the first scientist to propounded this theory of gravity . Perhaps almighty God underestimated the gravity of the original sin of this Englishman.

Symbolic representation of the Original Sin
Symbolic representation of the Original Sin

How carefully He had planted nice & good stories about certain demons pulling things down to earth & some good angels making birds soar in the sky! But like all good & nice things, even these stories got trampled under the feet of this Gravity monster.

To hell with apples!

PS :

God Clarifies :


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    • profile image

      Talat 6 years ago

      I chanced to see this hub & found it very interesting.

      You have a nice way of putting your thoughts across