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Great Baby Books

Updated on March 13, 2011

Great baby books are ones that can keep a baby's interest. It should have a few words to read, giving the book a familiar sound when it is read to the baby. But, it can't have too many words or it will be too much for a baby's concentration and attention span. A few words per page and a few pages of bright, simple pictures are what make good baby books so good.

Above picture by SEPpics.

Baby Faces

Baby Faces, by DK Publishing, is one of the all-time best books for babies. It doesn't rely on a story, as babies can't understand or follow a story. It doesn't rely on the kind of complex pictures that many older kids' books use. It actually what babies are naturally interested in to keep babies fixed on the book. Babies naturally love to look at faces- they are attracted to round shapes and anything that resembles a face. This board book has full page faces of babies with different facial expressions. Babies just love to look at it again and again.

Wild Alphabet: An A to Zoo Pop-up Book

This is a great baby book because it uses large black and white pictures to create the animal alphabet. Back and white are often used for baby items because the stark contrast of the two colors is easy for babies to see. Color contrast attract their attention, and this book introduces the alphabet as well. The pictures are nice and big, and it's even a pop-up book! As one of the best baby books, it's a must have. 

Head, Shoulders, Knees and Toes

This board book for babies is fun for babies because it goes with the simple song of the same name. A parent can also touch the baby's head, shoulders, knees and toes as the song is sung, making the book a fun little ritual for bedtime or for afternoon play. The pictures have nice colors and aren't to complicated. It's also short enough to keep a baby's attention, making a great baby book.

I'm a Little Penguin

I'm a Little Penguin is a sweet, short board book that features a small penguin finger puppet that goes throughout the book. To make the penguin "read" the book, you just wiggle your finger a little bit. That makes a great focal point for babies while the book is being read. And, the penguin an much of the book is primarily black and white. It makes for a fun experience for babies as they try to grab the penguin and listen to it read the book. Cute!

Red, Blue, Yellow Shoe

This board book is a good book for babies because if it's bright colors and simplicity. It features items that babies see every day, including flowers, shoes, toys and other household items. The only words are the colors and the only pictures are simple, colorful ones that babies will want to see many times.


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