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Great Books Series for Girls

Updated on January 15, 2011

Book Series for Girls

While some books are great in just one dose with no further books necessary, there are many stories that are well told over the course of a series of books. Some girls prefer a book series so that they can continue to spend time with favorite characters. Here are some good book series for girls.

The Little House Series

Set on the frontier of the West, Little House on the Prairie is just one of a long series of books by author Laura Ingalls Wilder. The books start with a toddler Laura who lives in the Big Woods of Wisconsin with her parents and extended family and ends with the author a married mother of one.

The story lines and the complexity of the stories deepen over the course of the series, just one of the reasons that the books have been so popular for such a long time. Readers of various ages will have different favorites. The earlier books may appeal to younger readers and the older books to older ones because of the age-specific story lines. Anyone 11 and over should be able to read and appreciate all of them.

The Emily Windsnap Series

Many girls love mermaids, making the Emily Windsnap book series a perfect pick. It comprises adventure, fantasy and good old-fashioned stories about friendship to create a world that girls will want to live in. There are three books in the series as well as a supplemental book of activities.

The series gives its reading level as ages 9 through 12, but I do know of a girl who read the entire series at age loved and loved it. While it might be hard for a girl under eight to read it alone, it can be read to kids younger than eight or nine.

The same author also does the Philippa Fisher book series. It's for similar ages and centers on fairies rather than mermaids. Like The Emily Windsnap books, it's full of adventure and magic. 

American Girl Book Series

The American Girl series of books has several series' within the overall series. The American Girl concept has many girls who are each located in a different place and time in history. Each girl has several books that encompass her adventures.

One of the bet things about this great book series for girls is that while the books do teach something about history and the way that children's lives have changed over the decades, at their heart these stories are about all the things that girls can relate to. They are storiesfriendship, parent-child relationships, having fun with hobbies, dealing with adversity, about, etc.

Another great feature is that there are enough American Girl book characters for girls to choose the ones that they can most relate to. There are tomboys and girlie girls, athletic girls, girls who love animals, girls who get into mischief, etc. Girls can also choose from among their favorite time periods if they have them. Girls who loved the LIttle House series of books can choose a pioneer girl, etc. 

Sweet Valley High

The Sweet Valley High book series is set in high school, as the name suggests, but some of its biggest fans are junior-high-age girls. The series was huge in the 80s, and the older copies are still popular among girls.

There is also a new version of the series that has "updated" it a little for this generation. It is still extremely similar to the old series, with a few differences that don't change the overall series much. There is some mildly updated language and a few appearance changes among others. Girls younger junior high age will likely not be too interested in the series, put pre-teen and teen readers may stay addicted to it through their adult years.


This four-book series is still, as of this writing, ongoing. The first two books have been published and the third is eagerly awaited by faerie fans. In this series, a 15-year-old girl discovers that she is actually a faerie (the spelling used by the series). The books are recommended for grades 7-10, but many older readers also consider it a solid and engaging series.

The fantasy book series incorporates romantic elements, adventure, fantasy characters like trolls, magic, friendship and more to create a richly textured series of books. The books are also being made into at least one movie, with the hopes of a full movie franchise. If you want your girl to read this one, it's best to do it before the movies come out. As any reader knows, once you see the movies the books look different to your imagination. 


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