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Great Northern - "Driveway" Lyrics and Information

Updated on December 26, 2015

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"Driveway" Lyrics

If you're looking out your window
And you say you're gone
And you're staring at the ceiling
And where we're from

Remember when you wake up
Don't forget, turn out the light
Cause I'm looking out my window for you every night

Did you have a thought?
Did you remember what?
And if we go sailing down the old front

If you're looking out your window
When you ride away
And you're staring at the ceiling
To try to get away
You told us to decide what we want today, but I don't know

Did you have a thought?
Did you remember what?
And if we go sailing down the old front

Did you have a thought?
Did you remember what?
And if we go sailing down the old front

Did you have a thought?
Did you remember what?
Did you write a letter?
Did you not forget her?

"Driveway" in Friday Night Lights

This song was played in Season 4 Episode 5, titled "The Son."

This is an incredibly emotional episode, perhaps the most emotional of the entire series. Matt Saracen is forced to deal with the death of his father, Henry. Matt had always had a complicated relationship with his father. Henry was divorced and had left Matt in Texas to care for his mother (Matt's grandmother) while He (Henry) was deployed with the military. Although Henry came back at times, he struggled to be a loving, accepting father. Matt constantly yearned for his attention, but was never able to receive the love he needed.

In this episode, we see the efforts of other people in the town and those who knew Henry in the military as they seek to comfort Matt. All of this actually angers Matt because he realizes that he never even truly knew his father. Matt's emotions get even more complicated when he realizes that there will be a closed casket and that he won't be able to see his father. Later, with the Riggins boys, Matt confronts the funeral home director and demands to see inside of the casket.

At the funeral, some simple words are shared and everyone begins to leave. The groundskeepers begin to bury the casket. As "Driveway" by Great Northern plays, Matt takes off his suit, grabs the shovel from the groundskeeper and buries his father as tears stream down his face.

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"Driveway" in Grey's Anatomy

This song was played in Season 5 Episode 18, titled "Stand by Me".

This also was an extraordinarily emotional episode. Here, we see Sloan working on a ground-breaking face transplant. The patient is in terribly shape and Sloan is working on a 70% transplant. Izzie and Lexie are helping out. At this time, Derek is still alone and drunk at his trailer and most of the other residents are helping with the surgery. Because of this, Bailey wants Meredith and George to take care of the surgical department and the interns.

We see Christina dealing with the fact that she has been awarded her first solo surgery and that she is dying of skin cancer. Callie is sent to the woods to try and get Derek to come back to work, but instead of fixing the situation, she ends up drinking away her sorrows of killing a patient with him.

During all of this, there is drama in the surgery as the interns make fun of the patient receiving the face transplant. Additionally, the patient's online support group show up early and he gets upset because he didn't want them to see him before his transplant. However, without the support group, the ethics board won't approve the surgery. The support group shows an incredibly amount of sympathy and compassion and they go on to complete a successful surgery.

At the end of the episode, "Driveway" by Great Northern plays as Meredith does a voiceover about how everyone is living on borrowed time. She speaks of the pain that we feel when someone dies and how some doctor's just choose not to have friends because everyone dies. As she says this, Izzie's friends father around her as she climbs into a hospital bed.

Great Northern - A Photo of the Band


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