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Great Unsolved Mysteries: The Lake Michigan Triangle

Updated on June 1, 2013

by Christine B.

Lake Michigan is one of the US Great Lakes and it has had its share of unexplained phenomena associated with it. These would include UFO sightings, lost ships and aircraft (over 40 of them), lake monsters sightings and “ghost planes” showing up on radar screens. And then there’s the Fog.

The Lake Michigan Triangle is located over central Lake Michigan from the city of Ludington, Michigan over to Benton Harbor, Michigan and then to Manitowac, Wisconsin, and then heads back to Ludington.

One of the mysterious events that has occurred within the triangle is a strange fog that descends upon a boat/ship on the lake, the people aboard become freezing cold, the boat begins to spin in the water unexplainably and when the fog clears, there is missing time.

Some scientists theorize that this is a magnetic phenomenon they call “electronic fog.” It could explain why ships disappear, why planes are lost, and why ghost ships appear out of nowhere. For some reason within these mysterious triangles that are found around the globe the natural magnetic field that surrounds the Earth goes haywire. That causes a magnetic fog to materialize. It attaches itself with anything metal and then causes havoc, causing the electronics on the vehicles to malfunction, and that causes the planes to come down, ships to sink, and it actually distorts time.

There have been so many UFO and other unexplained anomalies above this area of the lake that the Federal Aviation Administration created a special division just to keep track of all the reported sightings.

The most mystifying event that occurred on the lake was the wreck of the sailing schooner Rosa Belle in the fall of 1921. Eleven passengers and crew members were lost without a trace. The ship was found on October 30th, floating upside down with its aft section smashed, the cabin wrenched away from the deck, and the ship’s rigging floating loosely around the hull. No other ship was reported lost or damaged during the time the Rosa Belle was on the lake, and the mystery of what occurred has never been explained. Another ship met the same fate in 1875 when ten crew members disappeared. That ship eventually drifted ashore near Grand Haven, Michigan, but what caused it to capsize is still a mystery.

Sea monsters have also been spotted on the lake in the triangle area. One witness was a Catholic priest who reported seeing it while on a walk. He swore the beast was large and green!

So many weird stories; so little space to report them all. I, for one, would drive around Lake Michigan before I would fly or sail across it, especially though the area of its mysterious triangle!


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