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Great Unsolved Mysteries: UFO vs. F-89 Mystery

Updated on June 1, 2013

by Christine B.

There have been hundreds of UFO sightings reported and many, unreported, but this one is a bit more unusual than most of them. A UFO was sighted near the Kinross Air Force Base in Michigan in 1953. A pilot stationed at the base, Lieutenant Felix Moncla, was ordered to check it out in his F-89 Scorpion interceptor jet.

Both the Lieutenant’s fighter and the UFO were visible on the base's ground radar screen after Moncla took off. While monitoring the events taking place over the base the jet looked as though it “merged” with the UFO and then both “blips” disappeared from the screen. The F-89 Scorpion, the pilot, his radio operator who was with him in the jet, and any debris from a supposed crash vanished forever. A thorough search was made in the area below where the objects looked like they collided, to no avail. Nothing was ever found and the two service men were never heard from again. One has to wonder what their families were told.


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