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Great mad magazine covers we love

Updated on January 19, 2016
Mad magazine covers
Mad magazine covers | Source

The star of our mad covers

Alfred E. Neuman is the mad magazine guy
Alfred E. Neuman is the mad magazine guy | Source

Who is that Mad magazine guy?

Where were you when you first saw a Mad magazine cover? I remember I was in my uncles room playing, and in the corner was a balled up mad magazine. Believe it or not the cover was missing. It was torn off. It looks like my uncle may have rolled up the magazine carried into his back pocket.

I picked up the booklet and took a peek inside. I had never seen a book like this before. The comments always cracked me up in the beginning of the magazine. Then one day I was in the grocery store and I noticed that mad magazine guy but this time there was a cover on the magazine this time. A red head boy was on it. I remember begging my grandmother so I could to get that book. Once she got if for me I was hooked I would always make sure I had money in my pocket to get the next magazine that would come out.

I would go on and have to bribe adults to get more issues of the mad comic book. When my aunt would go out I wold tell her to get me a pickle and a mad book on her way out. She would get if from the local 7-11 or the AM/PM. I would take pride in keeping my comic in great condition. I would not bend the mad magazine fold in. I would bend the pages at the store but not on my fresh copy.

If you wanted to get a company magazine subscription you can find it at MAD Magazine

What Me Worry?

Home Alone with Mad magazine.
Home Alone with Mad magazine. | Source

We love all the Mad Magazine Artists

I love the artist Al Jaffee. His drawings always made me chuckle. The drawings get the expression that he wants you to see. To the fat lady exercising, or the sweating redneck the artists animations were the real deal to me. He is the king of the mad magazine fold in. I would love them all.

Dave Berg was also a great one. If you did not love "The lighter side of ... then something is wrong with you. Sergio Aragones was a trip. His drawings were just so much full of life. I love his mad peek behind the scenes. The we really can't forget about the artist Don Martin. He was great. I have never really paid any attention to who drew many of the covers.

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Check out these mad magazine covers

Mag magazine fold in

We love mad magazine covers
We love mad magazine covers | Source

Mad covers we all love

I love all the mad magazine covers. Nothing can compare to the mad comic book. I look at other magazines and they have come and gone. The only thing I can compare to MAD was the comic book Cracked.

The magazine was great but Mad magazine was better in my eyes. This is what you need to do the next time you are in the store. Go by the magazinje section and look for Mad magazine or just look for that mad magazine guy. He should be on the front cover. Pick up a copy and go the mad magazine fold in. It should be on the back of the magazines. Fold the edges on each side and look at it. This is why I love the book so much.

I love Mad magazine covers. All of them. I have the one with Barrack Obama. That one is going to be a collectors item.


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