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Great writing, good writing and just plain writing: what is good enough?

Updated on March 29, 2017

Writing to teach people and nothing more


Writing: how good is good enough?

When one finds one's self in a dire situation where time is short, the stress upon him or her is great, and people look forward to reading his or her compositions, then perfection within one's written works will not be, necessarily, the goal of one's efforts.

Why do one write? Ideally, one is trying to share ideas when one writes, or one is trying to share concepts with their readers. One does not write, in an attempt to bring honor and glory to one's self. One write in order to help other people, and as a result of this act of writing to help others, one helps one's self in return.

Now, one should strive to write good grammatical text, as perfect as one can get it. One wants to do one's best, of course. But one should not cease to write if one's grammar is not absolutely perfect. To the contrary, one should continue to write in spite of one's inability to achieve perfection.

When I was in medical school, studying for the Doctor of Medicine degree, back in the 1970's, I was able to get my first book of poetry published, a hard back book. I regret to have to admit how proud I was that I was able to get a book published. The theme of the book had to do with the "pain and suffering," and the adversity that I had to endure growing up in the South during a time when the situation within the United States of America needed to be improved for all people. Somewhat like the way it is in America today, I hate having to admit.

The book of poetry that I published was good reading for people who wanted to see how I was able to endure, from the time I was a child studying in a "colored" one room school house in the South, to the time I was a medical student studying at a Big Ten Medical School, in the Mid-West.

Oh, by the way, there was one typographical error found by a careful reader after my book was proof read by professionals, sent to the press and published. One mistake. That made for an imperfect book. Correct? I did not spend a moment worrying about it. My book was already published. Thank God!

The point that I am trying to make with this short, very short article is, you should just write. Forget about the critics that will strive to put you down for not being perfect. Don't allow them to cause you to give up on your dears of being a writer.

I do not earn a good amount of money for most of the writing that I do these days. I would starve to death if I depended on earning good money for my writing. Still, I do my best to communicate ideas that people enjoy reading, and hopefully, ideas that will help people along the way, upon this pathway called Life.

I have toyed around with the idea of republishing my old book of poetry, online, for a new generation of readers to enjoy. The old book of poetry is like history now but this is okay.

I want to encourage anyone who want to write to do it. If you feel like you are not good at it, that's okay. Just do it. Write! Write about anything you want to write about.

Writing can help you deal with stress. Write about anything. Anytime. All the time.

Have a great day. All.


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      19 months ago

      Enjoyed your hub and you are so right. It wasn't until I retired and by helping to complete a book of local history did I discover how much I might enjoy writing. The history book was just that history. Nothing included like stories of the people and life experiences. It was through a friend who had published a couple of books of his poetry that I sat down at my computer and began writing. Wow! The words from my memory bank began to flow spoken with a keyboard. In the process I discovered hub pages and joined. At first I wrote many short articles, nothing that was mind boggling or new, just the simple events and things that interested me. I found new friends in the community of hub pages and the interaction has been phenomenal.


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