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Green Grass in the Street Cracks, Dry Grass in the Yard

Updated on November 26, 2012
Look at how green the grass is in the Street Crack !
Look at how green the grass is in the Street Crack ! | Source

Like a twisted analogy...

You lie a few feet out in front of me...

Green Grass that stretches out before the hot noon day Sun...

While in my yard...I stand on grass that is burnt to a crisp...exceedingly well-done.

Like some kind'a strange messed-up metaphor...

You are back to turning brown this Summer...yet worse then before.

Oh, Yard...that I have fertilized...and watered to no end...

Why couldn't you stay...just a little green...or try and at least to pretend ?

It is neither of our faults...that there was no rain...

Obviously...your days out in the relentless heat...have caused you some pain.

Yet look...just a few inches from where you up and died...and called it quits.

There is a beautiful line of green grass...and between the street cracks is where it sits.

It knows no shade...and gets pummeled by tires endlessly...

It is as green as the New Born-Spring...I tell ya'...undeniably.

I look at you...and remember all the work upon you...and the trips to Home Depot...

And wonder why you can't be as green as the grass out in the street...I honestly don't know.

You've been pruned and groomed, with great care...I purchased great things for you...

The grass out in the cracks has only been given leftover motor oil...and looks better than you do !

Crazy...Crazy...this planet some ways...

The grass out in the Street...sits unprotected from the heat...for all its days... poor little yard...just a few feet from the Street cracks filled with green grass...

Has sadly burned to brown...Why can't it be more like that too much to ask?

We look to things and they don't make sense...

They say the grass is always greener...on the other side of the fence.

But please...I'm looking down from above...or at least from the street curb...

And seeing that the grass that has it harder then my yard is better...I'm a little preturbed !

In the Cold of Winter...I raked you with gentle care...

With each brown spot upon you...I stood vigilant and aware.

Now look...after all my hard work...when I should see results from what I've done...

The Street Grass is stronger then you...when it stays worse then you...everyday...out in the Sun.

Imagine the heat...Imagine the abuse...

I want my grass to be like it...That's the grass I choose !

You are weak...Oh, Yard of mine...

I will replant you with the street grass this next Springtime.

There are better things to do...then to baby you...

You never appreciate me anyways...after all you put me through.

There is a lesson here for me...

Of the Green Street Grass...that I have begun to see.

Not much further away...sits a plot of grass that I have tended and I spoil...

It stood strong and green through the toughest times...and with very little soil.

There is a lesson...there has to be...a lesson there for me...

Perhaps...that things fend better for themselves...when we just let them be ...!?!

This picture looks just like my Dry Summer Grass that is turning brown...brown...dead !
This picture looks just like my Dry Summer Grass that is turning brown...brown...dead ! | Source

Copyright © 2011 All Rights Reserved for "Green Grass in the Street Cracks, Dry Grass in the Yard".

The title that I chose for this poem...made me think. It sounds like the title to something I have heard in a song...something very familiar...Oh, of course...


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