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Green Jealousy

Updated on July 26, 2016

Green Jealousy

Jealousy can be such a sickening disease

Glowing green, settling deep inside of your heart

Won't leave much room for love and peace

Love it, leave it, or don't even start

If done lightly, things can be brought almost perfect together

Too much and it will be torn apart, a ripped picture of the past, a dark cover

Hidden emotions, unknown agenda, this feeling is hidden thick with rage

Inside of that another one, a different level with a whole new stage

Don't let it grab and swallow your soul

The illusion is done with luscious misleading ease

A toxic under-toe that takes you by surprise, it will have you salivating anger, hate, passive aggressive gossip and lies

It's not the one that stabs you in the front but in the back that I despise

It's hard to look at someone who claims they're your friend, when it's clear you see nothing but hate in their eyes

Let them dig their own hole and plan their own demise

Envy and hate are for the weak women, and you my queen are a beautiful priceless prize

© 2016 Marlena Rochelle Neely


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