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Green Lantern 67 - The End of The War of the Green Lanterns

Updated on August 17, 2011

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We finally have the last part of the War Of The Green Lanterns, Green Lantern 67. I have to say, that is a great way to start your issue, with the entirety of the Corps flying at you, with Hal Jordan taking point. They are flying into battle against The Guardians/Entities. They aren’t really having that good of luck trying to remove the Entities from the Guardians, but Hal has an idea. The people that represent the other six Corps (Sinestro, Atrocitus, Saint Walker, Carol Ferris, Larfleeze, and Iroque….I only looked up one of those names, that’s sort of sad.) are still stuck in the Book of Black, and they can contact their own corresponding Entities.

So, Hal pulls Kyle away from the fight, to draw them out of the book. Ha, that’s funny. Okay, he actually draws them in the pages of the book, since whatever is in the book, happens. So, he draws them in the book, coming out of the book, and they come out of the book. Hal has had their rings since the six went into the book (and used them, in the other chapters), and when the rings are in range of their owners, they recognize it, and go to them. Except, they all six immediately get overridden. They all fly to Krona, and he is chosen by all of the rings.

So, now, Krona has control of six Entities, and six Corps rings, of different colors. He immediately attacks Ganthet, then moves on to Hal. Meanwhile, Sinestro, who still doesn’t have a ring, is watching Hal get attacked. He jumps into the fray, against the majorly overpowered Krona, and knocks him off balance, saying that Hal would die for the Corps, and so would Sinestro. All of a sudden..”Thaal Sinestro of Korugar. You have the ability to overcome great fear. You have been chosen. Welcome to the Green Lantern Corps.”

Sinestro is speechless. Hal immediately snaps him out if it, to fight. With one giant, last ditch attack, Hal Jordan kills Krona. The Entities are freed, and the rings that Krona had, go back to their rightful owners. Except Sinestro’s Yellow Ring. It flies away, leaving him with the Green Ring. Immediately, the Guardians jump immediately into action, letting Sinestro keep his ring, sending the other Ring Spectrum bearers away, and taking Hal’s ring away, and sending him to Earth. He killed a Guardian, even though he was evil, so the other Guardians kick him out of the Corps.

The issue was pretty good, and an okay end to the storyline, but I have a bigger problem. Does DC’s comic book department, and Warner Bros movie department, like, lever talk? When The Dark Knight came out, within four or five months, Bruce Wayne was dead, and some Dick was now Batman (….his name is Di…nevermind). The Green Lantern/Hal Jordan movie comes out, and a month later, he is no longer a Green Lantern. I know it is an unrealistic expectation for a non-comic-read to go see the movie, and then wander into a comic store to buy the latest issue. But, if they had, they get the last issue of a ten-part crossover, where the guy in the movie is no longer a Green Lantern, and Sinestro is again. It makes no sense, to me.

Anyway, I enjoyed the end of the crossover, for the most part, and can’t wait until the DC line “reboot” (although the GL books don’t really look changed…..don’t worry about it).


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    • suziecat7 profile image


      7 years ago from Asheville, NC

      I once bought an old "Green Lantern" mug at the local Goodwill store for ten cents. I put it on Ebay for $4.99 and it bid up to $49.99. Yeah. Good Hub!


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