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Green Lantern - The Key Issues

Updated on December 17, 2015

Green Lantern

" In Brightest Day In Blackest Night, No Evil Shall Escape My Sight. Let Those Who Worship Evils Might, Beware My Power, Green Lanterns Light!"

..and I shall shed my light over dark evil.
For the dark things cannot stand the light,
The light of the Green Lantern!

Key Issues

The character of the Green Lantern has been around in comic books since 1940 when we first meet Alan Scott the Golden Age Green Lantern. There have been other Green Lanterns since, most notably Hal Jordan the Silver Age Green Lantern but also Guy Gardner, John Stewart and Kyle Rayner have also been the bearers of the emerald ring. In this hub we will look at the important issues in the history of the Green Lantern.

The first appearance of the Green Lantern.
The first appearance of the Green Lantern.

All American Comics # 16

Although only appearing on the cover and one page, the origin and first appearance of the Golden Age Green Lantern Alan Scott is told in this comic, a rare comic it has now become extremely valuable.

Meet Doiby Dickles.
Meet Doiby Dickles.

All American Comics # 27

In the early days of comic books most superheroes were given a sidekick, in this issue Charles " Doiby " Dickles makes his first appearance. Doiby is a Brooklyn taxi driver with a strong New York accent who would accompany Green Lantern on many adventures.

Green Lantern Vol 1 # 1

Green Lantern gets his own title.

Showcase # 22

During the 1950s the public seemed to have fell out of love with the superhero as horror comics came to the fore, after horror comics were virtually banned after the formation of the Comic Book Code which saw words like Werewolf and Vampire restricted, DC felt it was time to unleash the superhero again. In 1956 DC released the comic Showcase # 4 which re-introduced The Flash to a new readership, after the success of The Flash, a new Green Lantern Hal Jordan debuted in Showcase # 22.

After the alien Green Lantern Abin Sur is attacked while on his way back to Oa, the headquarters of the Green Lantern Corps, he is forced to crash land on the nearest habitable planet. Knowing that due to his injuries he would soon face death Abin Sur uses his power ring to seek out a suitable replacement for himself, the ring finds test pilot Hal Jordan. After being given the power ring Jordan uses it to lift a mountain and hide the remains of Abin Sur and his ship beneath it.

Green Lantern Vol 2 # 1

The Silver Age Green Lantern gets his own title.

Green Lantern Vol 2 # 2

In this issue we meet Hal Jordans best friend Thomas Kalmaku, an Induit mechanic who works for test pilot Hal Jordan's employers Ferris Aircraft. Thomas had the unfortunate nickname of " Pie face ".

Green Lantern Vol 2 # 5

First appearance of long running protagonist Hector Hammond.

Green Lantern Vol 2 # 6

Hailing from the planet Xudar Tomar Re is an alien Green Lantern who is responsible for the section of space known as 2813. After becoming Green Lantern Hal Jordan would receive training and guidance from the fish/bird like alien who would soon become a solid friend.

Green Lantern vol 2 # 7
Green Lantern vol 2 # 7

Green Lantern Vol 2 # 7

Created by writer John Broome and artist Gil Kane one of Green Lanterns longest running protagonists makes his debut in this book from 1961, Sinestro.

Hal Jordan meets Alan Scott.
Hal Jordan meets Alan Scott.

Green Lantern Vol 2 # 40

An important comic as it explains the origins of Infinite Earths and also the origins of the Guardians of Oa. This book is also only the second appearance of Alan Scott the Golden Age Green Lantern in the Silver Age of comics ( see Showcase # 55 ).

Guy Gardener makes his debut.
Guy Gardener makes his debut.

Green Lantern Vol 2 # 59

In this issue we meet the character of Guy Gardner for the first time, Guy would go on to become Earths Green Lantern although the character never seemed to be as well loved as Hal Jordan or any of the other Green Lanterns for that matter.

Green Lantern Vol 2 # 76

Classed by many as the comic that begins the Bronze Age of comic books. Created by artist Neal Adams and writer Denny O'Neil the book ushers in a time of more mature comic books that can deal with more adult themes such as drug abuse, homelessness and racism. The title now changes also to Green Lantern / Green Arrow.

Green Lantern Vol 2 # 85/ 86

In these two comics we learn how the ward of Green Arrow " Speedy " has become a drug addict, this is one of the first occasions comic books had dealt with this issue.

Green Lantern # 87

John Stewart appears for the first time in this book. Stewart is the first black character to appear as Green Lantern and has become a favorite with young fans of the Emerald Knight.


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