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Greyson Sweetbrook 10

Updated on May 5, 2016

I have found

I have found the little

place where you have


calling out to me

as a secret in the night,

whispering to another

secret, not yet born

in this little place

where you live,

and where I live—not

the public organization

that people know you as.

this is the place where

something unspoken

in me meets something

unspoken in you

and our silences

have their conversation

(perhaps using our eyes

like ships used mirrors

to say essential things

to each other)

while you, and while I,

struggle with what to say

you saying something

about your job,

and me saying something

about my lunch,

each following their own

different branches in life,

wondering if they were really

ever understood

by that person at all

—wondering and wanting

—wondering and wanting

—wondering and wanting

I think we were.

I think it was in all

the silences, in all the

places where nothing

could harm it,


and beating,

and beating,

—a heart that

has never stopped, a

love that shall

never see its end,


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