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Grief: A Compelling Short Story Part 4

Updated on August 16, 2012
Grief: a short story
Grief: a short story

Part 4 to the Compelling Short Story by Edina Jackson

This is part 4 to Grief, the short story about a young lady whose life is turned upside down by a horrific car accident. This is a story of grief, heartache, deceit, mistrust and a shocking twist that will turn your stomach.

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It was the next morning, the curtains remained open and the wind was echoing through the bedroom like thunder. Emma was still comatose, in a deep sleep she had dreamt all night about the love of her life. Forgetting that he was gone, she reached over to his side of the bed. Feeling nothing by empty space she woke quickly woke up out of a deep slumber. That sickly feeling in her stomach returned, she remembered. He was gone, dead and never to return. She began to weep, she thought to herself, "why me? why me ?"

I dragged myself out of bed, my body feeling like heavy lead, I searched the house of my sister Michelle. Once again I could not find, she was nowhere to be found. She works on a Monday, Wednesday and Friday. However, today being Saturday I wondered where she had gone. It looks like she did not sleep in her bed. She never makes her bed, in the morning and her bed looked like it had been undisturbed. My thoughts wondered back to the police investigation, they asked me if Adam had been taking any prescription drugs. I still just did not get it, I was actually baffled as to why they wanted to know this. Obviously drugs had been found in his blood but this did not make any sense to me. Scratching my head I flopped on to Michelle's bed and decided to phone her to find out where she was. Meandering into my room to grab my mobile phone, I still felt kind of empty, numb, nauseous, that sickly feeling in my stomach. I blocked it out and focused on where my sister had got to. Grabbing my phone I proceeded to call her. The phone did not even ring, it just went straight to voice mail. I decided to ring round all her friends, because this was not like Michelle at all. It just did not make any sense at all. I proceeded to dig through her desk drawers to find her address book. Upon looking I found a piece of paper, on it was a flurry of scruffy handwriting saying "Idea Store Library 3pm." The writing looked like Adam's handwriting, I just didn't get why she would have a piece of paper with Adam's hand writing on it in her drawer. My heart began beating quadruple time and I felt like I was about to pass out. I sat back on the bed. Thoughts spinning around my head, I could not focus or even begin to comprehend what was going on. I rang her again, and again and still her phone was going to voicemail.

My thoughts were interrupted by the sound of house phone ringing. I ran downstairs to answer it, again it was the police they said that a lethal dose of codine was found in Adam's blood and that they are now treating this as a murder investigation. I cried out loud, this was turning into a nightmare, a living nightmare. I could no longer bare it, who would want to kill Adam, and me for that matter? Because whoever did this knew that I was going to be in the car with Adam that night. I sunk down on to the floor and slipped into a deep sleep again, my body could no longer take the strain of all this, Michelle was missing, Adam was dead and now they are treating is as murder. I wanted to shut it out, shut out the light, and shut out the world. On my own I lay there, wondering what it would be like if I just ended it all. I prayed that I would not wake up, or that all this was just some horrible nightmare. As I fell into a deep sleep, I was swiftly woken up by the key in the door. It was Michelle, she had a black eye and blood pouring down her face. She was battered and bruised and she look shell shocked to say the least. She just stood there staring at saying a word. We both stared at each other unable to speak the words we wanted to speak............

To be continued.........

All the words in this story have been officially copyrighted by Edina Jackson for Intrigue Media 2012.


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    • missa72542 profile image

      Melissa White 5 years ago from Arkansas

      I just found this story today, and decided to read it from start to finish. I can't imagine what it would be like to lose my love. You are a very good writer and I cannot wait to read more!