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Grin and bare-Poetry

Updated on July 28, 2014

I’ve gotta grin and bare

You stare straight through me

Even when I’m right there

Oh how you’ve hurt me

But you don’t seem to care

I’m nothing to you

But you’re the best I’ve ever seen

In as long as I can remember

Your beauty it overtakes me

But your callous heart

Is grinding my hope away

And it’s only in my dreams that I touch your beautiful face

But even there I can see your cringe when my fingers grace your cheek

I’m a monster to you

And you’re an angel to me

But what’s it matter when you can’t see me for what I really am

I’m just a man

With tears in his eyes

Whenever he sees you


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    • profile image

      Eagle 3 years ago

      That's really thinking at an imesirspve level

    • profile image

      Bobbie 3 years ago

      Okay I'm convniced. Let's put it to action.