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Updated on February 15, 2013

A Winter's Dream

I sleep in a sanctuary where rhythms of energy and ecstasy prevail; a place where the habitual world does not exist; a place of exhilaration where contemplation and reflection are just mirrors in a frozen pool; where enthusiasm and frenzy are my only friends. I seek something new, something with profound passion and new rules. I want a new flavor, a new color and above all, a sweet deal. I will paint my cave scarlet. I will kick holes in convention and shove a blade into banality. I create fair play and the equality to ride the Pegasus through the Pleiades and beyond. I wear the scales of Leviathan and carry the hammer of Thor.

Pushing away the boulders of despair and injustice that liter the path of existence, I paint the ground gold with the tears of a newly slain black dragon; my boots pressed heavily into the soil. My grotto door is hone from the tree of life that lies to the west toward the underworld where Lilith spreads her long legs, longing for release. I plant the seeds of fertility across the grounds, preparing the harvesters for sufficiency. I summon the elements to succor and the winged ones to breed.

I mate with the Red Dragon and ride a great winged manticore toward the Scorpion Star cluster for pleasure, then storm Mt. Ida for sport. By the light of the crescent moon, with crushed ivory horn, I polish the bronze gates of night where Atlas stands, illuminating Odysess’s passage.

I stir in my agitated passion, the quilt wrapped tightly around my torso limiting my movement. The clock ticks cleverly upon the night stand keeping pace as morning approaches. A slim ray of light slips thru the heavy winter curtains, landing in waves upon a stocky brocade chair. I lift my head slightly toward the left in anticipation, the armor of Leviathan still rests there.

I breathe heavily…..I breathe fully…..during the night I breathe new life. I unfurl the quilted cover from my body stroking the fabric like it was wolf fur. Reaching for my staff I struggle to stand upright. Within range lay my spectacles. I twist my white hair into a thin coiled plait, watching as Minerva, my feline friend stretches sensuously at the foot of the bed. Her paws open fully, extending her claws.

I live within the dormancy of the night. I am Danu, Sulis and Anahita mother and warrior goddess of the rock and water realms. I am awake to sleep, but at night, I dream to live.


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