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Ground Zero Revised

Updated on March 24, 2016

Nothing gained and everything lost

Where Ground Zero buries the Big Lie

Hard to breath,
Knowing the truth,

Hard to breath with a broken heart.

There is no victory in this game of war.
Only oil and pipelines,
burned up bodies and children's cries.

"Dear pawn you must win.
His life and legacy,
must be saved."

And so the games begin again.
Your old allies return.

You buy a rifle and a gun.
The rifle to protect your son,
the gun to protect yourself.

The King laughs at your
silly little gun
and advises you to aim well.

"That 007 gun will only piss someone off," he says in all seriousness.

You better aim well,
if you want him dead.

I tell him the gun is just a toy,
but inside I know it is not.

My weapon is words.
Stronger than the mightiest sword.
Stronger than a nuclear bomb.

I will write my own bible and Quran.

I will channel the Devil and God

And when I am done,

I will save Nature, as Nature has saved me.

Khao Tao Reservoir
Khao Tao Reservoir | Source


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