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Grouping and arranging contents

Updated on December 26, 2013

Why Group Ideas?

Every single idea to some extent has meaning. Connecting or grouping individual ideas and sentences actually is to give the content or concept a clearer meaning and understanding. When we group individual sentences into paragraphs and articles, the intention is to give the reader more idea options to aid him or her understand the discussion. If the reader does not understand the content idea after reading the first sentence or paragraph, hopefully he or she will by reading the supplementary ideas or paragraphs.

What is A misplaced Idea

If the idea or the tone does not make sense to reader then it means that the sentence is misplaced or the idea is misplaced or a subject is misplaced.

Disadvantages of not Grouping your ideas well

When you group supplementary ideas in a content well, they give a much clearer meaning to the reader. When individual sentences in a content are not arranged or grouped well, they can bring difficulties for the reader in understanding the content. Misplaced ideas within a content can therefore cause distraction to the reader hence make the whole idea unintelligible.

A particular content as a whole will not make sense because the right idea is found in the wrong content or in the in inappropriate place in the content. In other words, everything makes sense to reader when the individual ideas or sentences have been well arranged and given the appropriate the flow. If a content is not in an appropriate pattern and order it distracts the reader’s attention and causes difficulty in understanding. What makes the content idea un-intelligible is just the ideas that have not been properly arranged. The misplaced ideas in the content causes the reading distraction. It is just the distractions that make the content seem difficult to understand because it does not follow any logical order.

Content obstacles (misplaced ideas and sentences) actually make the idea formless and cease to exist. In other words, the arrangement and flow of the content gives it its logic. Any idea arranged to suit the receptive mind pattern of the reader may seem plausible and logic. It is just like arranging music or lyrics. Most music lyrics do not really makes sense. They only seem to make sense to the reader or listener because the mind of the listener is receptive to its pattern of arrangement. The mind is primed to focus on the rhyme pattern and with the aid of a nice tune in the background, the individual lyrics are connected or fused as one. In other words, ones any written thought or idea conforms to connecting rules the mind has already been primed to receive, it will make sense to the listener or reader.

Even with the most truthful facts, if your ideas in the content are not well arranged in a pattern that is must appealing to the receptor or the potential reader, you would more distract the reader than persuade or convince them. Unconnected ideas make the content seem un-intelligible even with the most truthful facts. The reader would have to spend half of his reading time and attention trying to rearrange the written ideas in a much understandable pattern. This will eventually make you lose the reader along the way. It can create difficulties for the writer to convey his thoughts well to the reader. They can also make the article boring to reader.

Importance of grouping your ideas well- advantages

Creating A more intelligible content

For a reader to understand a written concept, the content should have some sort of consistency and flow. The content should have pattern of arrangement or a particular rhythm that is music to the mind of the reader. The flow or order of the content gives it a personality. It gives the content a rhythm and makes it easy to read as well as intelligible. In grouping ideas, it is very important that they be given the appropriate order. This is to make the idea or concept much more intelligible to reader. Not just the pattern of the content but also the pattern of ideas hence the background idea or personality that has formulated the content or given the content existence.

Bring New Ideas Into Existence

The well-arranged thoughts can makes the idea true, plausible and bring a new concept into existence.

Making ideas Interesting

With the appropriate flow, a content is able to hold a reader’s attention from the beginning to the end. With a well patterned out or arranged ideas well connected, any content can make sense. Any reader could draw a logical conclusion from the content.

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