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Growing Great Girls Book Review

Updated on January 14, 2016

Growing Great Girls

About Book

Growing Great Girls, written by Ian and Mary Grant who are the founders of Parents Inc.. This is a beautiful book on parenting especially those with daughter. It is full of practical strategies and advice on bringing up girls, from babies, pre-shcoolers, tweens and right through to teenage. The book is published  by Random House New Zealand, Auckland. It is very easily availble in the stores and a great book every parent should have.

Book Review

Before you go to buy book i would like deal with the different chapters or i should say different issues the book has dealt with. It takes you through a journey your daughter will go through during her growing years.

While you go through chapters you will find that you are growing with your daughter or you are looking at the future of your daughter.The book is divided into different chapters, it starts with the birth of your daughter and ends up when you have a grown up women (with character and commitment)

Chapters of Book

  1. Your daughter's future starts now
  2. Am i welcome in the world?
  3. The nature of girls
  4. Daughters and self-esteem
  5. Girls and their culture
  6. A family in which your daughter will thrive
  7. Love and limits
  8. The middle years
  9. Betwixt and between- the pre-adolescent years
  10. Teenage girls
  11. Raising girls on your own
  12. Mothers and daughters
  13. Dads and daughters
  14. Growing girls with character and colour

By looking at the chapters you can find that it deals with all the aspects of growing a child(girl). The same authors have written another book Growing Great Boys. But i have not read it and hope to read it some time in my life. As i have only one daughter so i read it for my sake.

I do not want to explain more about the chapters because i want you to feel it and learn from it. I used to teach some time ago and parents used to ask me one question, of course every parent would definitely ask:

What is your qualification?

I was not amazed at that question because i know that it is very pertinent but at the same time i used to ask one question to them (parents)

What is their qualification, Are they parent by chance or by choice? Are they qualified to be parents?

This is the book that answers that question.

Do you love your kids?

Do you know how to love and care?

Do you know when to be strict and how to discipline?

A very simple and thought provking book every parent should have.


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