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Growing Up is Hard!!

Updated on June 5, 2014

Growing Up Is Hard Business

Growing Up Is Hard Business
Growing Up Is Hard Business | Source

Growing Up Is Hard

For years now I have worked many roles in my life, and had many experiences even at forty something now, I find that growing up is hard business for myself. Remember back when you were a child if you can for a few seconds, there you go, and the Tooth Fairy was the real thing. That Santa Claus was really coming down your chimney on a Christmas Evening while you were tucked in bed and you had laid out cookies and milk for his long journey. When I was a little boy and read comics, Richie Rich was my favorite and so was Archie; I’m having flashbacks, and those were realistic magazines back in my time.

Oh yeah and for little girls, Barbie was hip and so was Ken and the Tea parties my sister and her imaginary friends would have. I believe all girls have a vivid imagination and it sticks with them through adulthood. The girls would chase boys and we guys were grossed out for some reason. I think it was to prove to our boyfriends that we did not like girls, and then they grew out and up.

Then when you get past the puberty stage, at about eleven in a guy’s life you’re still pretty much immature and make noises to spoof the girls and they would just say grow up. The girls you see have reached their puberty before us guys and developed attitudes early on at about ten or eleven years old. The guys, we were still little boys and our voices were changing a bit and growing some peach fuzz all over.

Then we hit the Junior High School age at about eleven I suppose and where I came from that was the beginning to the end of boy hood for me, seventh grade. We were now supposed to play tackle football and the girls wanted to be popular as cheerleaders and if not popular as these two groups, they divided into other groups of kids, the stokers, the cowboys, or whatever and this time frame for me was a wake up call to become something. I was a football player then a band queer, as I was so nicely labeled. Therefore labels came into play around Middle School. I surely was not a scared little boy in Junior High, yet with the buses and all the kids from all over the town came to this one school, it was a shock for two years for me.

Then when the girls developed into women in about eighth grade, some earlier, the guys were just getting hip to how sexy a girl may be and interested in their bodies and even some experimented with sex at this time, as I recall it was not widespread, there were just a few of the Cheerleaders and Football players that would make out at some of the school dances and surely more. I was not sexually active until late in High School, and by that time most of the girls that were hot in Junior High were getting ugly and the Ugly ones were getting pretty. Girls, I would have to say have it tough compared to guys and so for a women to be a little bitchy at times is probably normal from her upbringing. Just a wild guess, makes sense to me though, with having to fight off advances from boys all their lives and even in adulthood, I would say that women have room to complain for our actions against them in our younger years and present time.

The years in High School broke me in pretty good, I was the Stoner, and I had many friends, they were all cool to me, and I really didn’t hang with one group or another cause the football players were party animals like the rest of the various groups in high school. When we had parties the whole school actually got along, black, white, Hispanic, really did not matter, we were there to get high and drink. Drawing some blanks now on high school so we will move onto turning the dreaded eighteen, or adulthood.

The whole world begins to change and there is a new picture template outlook on life, do you go to college, work, or be a bum. There were maybe too many choices at this stage in life for many , several I knew went to Universities and Colleges and there were several that did nothing but lived with their parents for a while, then were booted out and had to work.

Then you wake up in the morning after 20 years later and wonder what has happened to yourself in al that time, why are you at this pinnacle in life you are at. Did you plan to become a professional alcoholic or Drug addict, of course not? The other extreme, did you plan on becoming a CEO of a major company with marriage problems that you would trade off careers, yet the money is too good. Each phase of life brings up new challenges for most of us and almost reaching fifty is so unreal when the number comes up. Would I have changed how my life went, no, maybe adjusted it to the plans I had when I was a little boy , and wanted to be a Pilot and fly. Hesitation for a moment and I can’t really say I would of changed much, I’ve been pretty well blessed with the good and the bad, and I am not a criminal and love God. I think that’s about the major points in my life my parents wanted me to stress, love God and stay out of trouble, so I accomplished that for them. Life is just begun, just at another age cycle for me, what about you , was growing up hard business?


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    • No Relation Produ profile image

      No Relation Produ 6 years ago from Scotland - Glasgow

      absolutely! lol!