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Guest Blog from the Guy Who Works at the Hardware Store

Updated on January 10, 2013

See this? That's a washer. It's round, like a pretty ring you might try to get a man to buy for you.


If you're looking for the yarn store, I think it's down the street

Well, hi there, young lady. Out of the house, I see. Done cleaning up the kitchen, are you?

You need help finding a part for your sink? You mean you are cleaning your sink, right? What? You took your sink apart? Why would you do that?

It had a leak and you were trying to fix it? Well, isn't that cute.

You need help finding a new one of those? It's a good thing you brought the old one in for a man to look at. Well, that is a washer. Can you say that? "Washer." I would try to explain to you what that's for….oh, you just want me to find the part for you. Well, that's probably just as well. It would probably sound pretty complicated to you!

Let's see…washer, washer……you know, I am seeing more and more women coming into our store. It's cute. A lot of them come with their husbands, but some of them come in alone! I think it's probably because we have those frilly pink lamps over there, but some of them wander over here to the real part of the store. Maybe they're lost? Ha—I don't know. It's cute when I see them looking at the tools—do they know what to do with those pliers? No, they don't. But it is cute that they're trying.

You're going to look somewhere else for your washer? Giving up, eh?

"Troglodyte?" I'm not sure what that means. You women are always making up cute words. Have a good day, miss.


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