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Guest Party Planning Tips by Devonne

Updated on March 21, 2012

Wait until you hear my ideas for a great Hindenburg fiesta!

It’s the Divine Devonne, party planner extraordinaire! And I want to help you get ready for what is sure to be the social highlight of the year! That’s right—Titanic Sinking Centennial parties are sure entertainment this April. Are you ready for yours?

Here’s a quick and clever hors d’ oeuvres idea. You take an ice cube, and you wrap it up in a piece of iceberg lettuce! Get it? The perfect party snack! Don't forget to give your guests some ice water to wash it down with!

Here’s a cute idea I really like—it takes a lot of ice and a swimming pool. What party guest wouldn’t want to get that authentic frozen feeling? Make sure they hop in that pool fully dressed for the full effect.

Did you know that passengers on the Titanic enjoyed piñatas? It’s true—they were crazy for them! It could be a proven fact, maybe. Personally I plan on having iceberg piñatas filled with—you guessed it!—ice. So make sure you have piñatas—and lots of them!—around.

Then of course there is the “pin the lifeboat on the Titanic” game. Who doesn’t love that game? Of course, there’s not enough lifeboats to go around, but that is what makes it so fun!

Then you perfect Titanic party idea is.....well, tune in again later for some more fabulous ideas! Enjoy!


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