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Guest blog by a 39 year old who is ready to retire

Updated on February 21, 2012

What do you mean I have to go to work tomorrow?

I’m sitting here in my brand new recliner, crocheting a scarf for my niece—bless her heart. I think she’ll like it. I think I might take a break soon and call in to this radio talk show. I’ve got a very interesting story about how things were so much better back in the olden days when I was a kid, back in the 80’s.

Then I’ll have a nice dinner—4:30 is a little late for me to be eating, but I think I’ll be OK. Then Jeopardy and the Wheel will be on at 5, and then I think it’s off to bed for me. I had a full, busy day of walking up the block and back, and talking to my neighbor Edna about her poodle Fluffy. She’s having some kind of poodle skin problems, poor dear.

I also called up the hot tub installation people—after I looked around for an hour and finally found my reading glasses, the pesky things! I’m thinking of putting a hot tub in my son’s room (that will feel so nice on these tired old bones). He hasn’t moved out yet because he’s only 7, but I think it will all work out OK.

I should also call about my Social Security—I haven’t gotten any checks in the mail yet. I wonder what the hold up is?

I have been thinking about buying an RV and taking my Chihuahua on a cross-country trip. I’m sure Peanut would love to see Mount Rushmore. And, since I am not in any hurry, I can go about 30 miles an hour on the freeway the whole way. Ah…..I’m going to love being retired…..


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    • profile image

      JMC 5 years ago

      you can make it though Jepardy. What are you eating?

    • profile image

      The Boss 5 years ago

      Funny. Now get back to work!