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Guest blog by a cartoon pitchman

Updated on April 1, 2012

I've also got a great show about a purple gorilla....

I have this great idea! Kids will love it! Get this…a sailor…..and he eats spinach and gets strong! Kids will “eat it up”! Get it? What kid doesn’t love sailors?? What kid doesn’t love spinach?Great! I knew you’d like it!

Here’s another one—little blue creatures that live in the forest! And they are all named for their personalities! Like “Smarty,” or “Meany.” I haven’t quite worked out what they’re called yet…Snerts? Smorks? Oh, and there’s only one female Snert. Weird? Oh, I guess that’s a little weird. No, I don’t know how they reproduce. Eggs, maybe? Snert eggs?

You love it? Great. I knew you would. Oh, here’s one—a bear, that lives in the woods with another bear—and, get this! He steals food from people! And, he wears a little hat and a tie! What could be funnier, and more relevant for these crazy times of ours?

Here’s the next one—kids can’t get enough of the Three Stooges, right? What do you mean, kids don’t know who the Three Stooges are? Of course they do! So, let’s make a cartoon about them. But—and get this—these Stooges are really robotic superheroes! I mean, it fits together perfectly—what could be more natural? You’ve got your slapstick comedy, you’ve got Curly with robotic, expanding limbs, you’ve got superhero action!

You love it? Great, I knew you would!


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